Malawi24’s Upclose: meet musician The Fame

The Fame

Malawi24 continues to shine the spotlight on locals with skills in different fields with the aim of inspiring and motivating. This week we feature up and coming artist The Fame (TF).

Lyonike: Who is The Fame?

TF: My real name is Donnie Jonathan Kwiyani, Male and 21, Christian by religion. I am based in Chimwankhunda Blantyre.

Lyonike: I am interested to know the type of music you do and a brief justification of choice.

TF: I do hip hop, RnB and afro music. I chose to do that kind of music because they are the ones I think am good at.

Lyonike: Like they say it’s good to know yourself and I like it that you do, alright so which musicians inspire you, both locally and internationally?

TF: Yes sure bra, I am inspired by Mafo, Daredevils, Young D, Big D, P Square and Jay Z.

The Fame
The Fame tells Malawi24 Upclose of his story.

Lyonike: So which needs do your music address in the society?

TF: My music addresses real life things, things that happen every day in human life. Music that brings love and peace among people.

Lyonike: Quite impressive! So Fame tell me, what is unique about your art?

TF: My art is unique in a way that I do not copy or repeat what has been sung by someone, I focus on bringing in new ideas.

Lyonike: As an artist, I understand you must be a very busy person, jumping from one project to another, can you share what you are currently doing?

TF: As Them Those Music Group we are working on Mayeso a Chikondi music video which features Big D, Chasjesco and Mafo. It will be ready late this month.

Lyonike: Have you done any big name collaboration so far?

TF: Yes, Nthiti Yanga, a song which features Big D, Young D and Nesnes.

Lyonike: What can you say about the future of Malawi music?

TF: Malawi music is indeed progressing. Looking at music that is being produced now, there has been a big change. We have also seen more new unique rising artists such as Mayoo aku Nsanje and Twin m.

Lyonike: Can you come up with a top 5 of local urban artists?

TF: (laughs) of course, Mafo, Nesnes, Young D, Saint and The Daredevils.

Lyonike: So apart from music what else do you do?

TF: Apart from music, am doing school, am a second year computer science student at The polytechnic, University of Malawi.

Lyonike: That’s the spirit! Off the topic what are your hobbies?

TF: (laughs) Listening to music, travelling and meeting new people.

Lyonike: Any last words before we call it a day?

TF: definitely bra, I just want to let Malawians know that more music is coming.

Lyonike: We can’t wait! Thanks for your time Fame.

TF: And thank you for this opportunity.