Happening now: Students clash with police

Students at Mawila Private Secondary School in Liwonde have clashed with police as the group wants to rescue a friend from a house in which “she is being held against her will”.

According to an inside source, the female student from the school went missing on Sunday. The girl is being suspected to be in Victor Mtuwa’s house who resides close to the institution.

It is being said that the missing student wrote a short message informing her friends that she is being kept in Mr Mtuwa’s house.

The source said the missing girl used a mobile phone from another friend who was recently locked up in the house by the same man.

Meanwhile, the students and the police are in a cat and rat chase as the students want to search Mtuwa’s house in order to find out if the girl is really in the house.

The students have so far destroyed a brick fence around Mr Mtuwa’s house.

The police, who claims that there is no evidence for the students’ accusations, have already fired teargas at the protesting students in a bid to disperse them. More details to come.



  1. Police, why can’t you and some of the student search the house? What are you hiding for the house to be searched? aaaaaaaaah yes you know something you policemen whats going on with the suspect. So what is the aim behind for the suspect keeping girls at her house

  2. It’s big mistake from the police not searching the house at that time. As we know Malawi police always are on side riches not Malawians. They will never find those ladies alive even the body of them. They suppose to go in a mind of a criminal and act him. I don’t think those students are lying although there approach is wrong

  3. That’s the characteristics of Malawian Policing we all know. They always back the perpetrators of humanity. Now , which means they will conive with the accused and they will move them out of the house. If suspected info says so why don’t police intervene? Bank notes of evil exchanging hands

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