Govt. to start closing Video Show Rooms

Malawi Patricia Kaliati

The Malawi Government has issued a warning to people who have video shows closer to schools that the shows will face closure if they operate during school time.

Minister of civic education and community development Patricia Kaliati said this at Mpingu in Lilongwe during a civic education meeting.

She said those who have video shows closer to schools must start showing at around 3 o’clock or risk closure.

Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati: Our children are being misled.

According to Kaliati, video shows are killing the future of Malawi as most children go to the video shows and miss classes.

“We are warning those who are operating video shows which are closer to school premises that they risk closure as they are killing the future of Malawi as most of the children sneak out of classes,” said Kaliati.

She added that such video shows are also perpetrating early pregnancies as well as early marriages as children are at risk of watching pornographic films.

Kaliati further claimed that video shows are making people lazy as instead of going to their farms they watch movies.

According to Kaliati, district councils will be used to make bylaws to make sure the video shows do not operate before 3 o’clock so that children should be protected.



  1. closing such video show rooms dassnt add any value. in fact closing the video shows roms just shows how negligent we are

  2. when will they start this??? i think it’s overdue now. maka timafilm tachichewa iti… tikuipitsa khalidwe la ana kwabasi. eish. it sucks.

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