Malawi in sight of electricity highway


Minister of natural resources, energy and mining Bright Msaka says he is impressed with the progress of the construction of the 400kv Phombeya power substation and construction of the 400kv line from Phombeya in Balaka to Nkhoma.

Speaking when he visited the Phombeya project, Msaka said construction of the infrastructure will ensure there is a highway for power.

Bright Msaka

We are moving the right way: Msaka

“Construction of this infrastructure will ensure there is a highway for power being generated at Nkula power hydropower station to the rest of the country,” he explained.

The project is one of many infrastructure development projects being implemented under the US$350.7 million Millennium Challenge Account Malawi-Compact which is aimed at developing the energy sector in the country.

Msaka said it is the ministry’s wish to make sure that the projects under the agreement are completed in time.

He expressed hope that Malawi will have a strong ground in negotiating for a second Millennium Challenge Account Malawi-Compact.