Osaona Kuchedwa: Lawi is cooking something

Francis Phiri

It’s been time since Malawi’s multi-talented musician Lawi recorded which raises questions on his current state of affairs in the industry.

Born Francis Phiri, the singer last recorded on a serious note in 2013, a year in which he released the Lawi album. Songs from this collection continue to fly the artist’s flag, but his fans thinks it’s time he served them with a new dish.

Besides his studio silence, Lawi has not been a regular stage performer lately.

But it has been revealed that the singer will soon hit the airwaves with new music which is in his yet to be released Sunset in the sky album.

Lawi says he is preparing good music for his fans.

Malawi24 sought an answer from the Amaona Kuchedwa star and in an exclusive interview he disclosed reasons behind his silence and revealed his upcoming projects.

“Sometimes there is a need for the artist to take time and understand who we are, where we come from and work at perfecting ourselves in the art because there is so much room for improvement,” he said.

Lawi and the Mango band have enjoyed performances across the world. Their long absence from public events is owed to fixing some things, in a bid to improve in the art.

According to Lawi, it is wiser for artists to take time to understand their roots. This is because Malawi has its own music in which its cultural values are embedded. The artist believes very little has been done to showcase local values hence less exposure of local products.

When asked as to when he plans to return on stage, he expressed his love for live performances as he connects with his fans but he promised will return soon.

“I love performing. It is one great way for me to connect with my audience and am looking forward to enjoying performances in Malawi soon as we are planning on releasing songs from my new album, Sunset in the sky,” Lawi said.

The 2014 Afrima awards nominee is rated as one of Malawi’s music greats. His music disregards age demarcations as it touches diverse souls.

Some of the songs in the Lawi album are Amaona Kuchedwa, Lilongwe, The whistling song and Ali ndi Chifundo nane.