Don’t be politicians’ stepping stone, Malawi youths advised

dpp youth
Wonderful Mkhutche
Wonderful Mkhutche: Th youth should not be tools for politicians.

Youths in Malawi have been advised to stop being tools for politicians in the country.

Political analyst Wonderful Mkhutche made the remarks following a verbal war between opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and ruling Democratic Progress Party over a press briefing that some youths had in the northern region.

During the briefing, the youths faulted leader of MCP Lazarus Chakwera for his remarks of urging the country to revolt if President Peter Mutharika fails to address national issues.

The youths whose press conference was broadcast live on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) expressed dismay on the remarks and the party for its continued criticism of the Mutharika led government.

Reacting on the matter, MCP faulted the ruling DPP for using cadets to assassinate the character of Chakwera.

However DPP downplayed the allegations saying MCP must take the briefing as a mirror of its stand on democratic principles.

Commenting on the matter, the political scientist Mkhutche has advised youths to stop being used as tools for politicians stepping in the country.

“Youths in Malawi must be politically intelligent. Politicians are people who mostly are about the end, not the means. If they use youths as a means to their ends, the ones to blame are the youths. When one understands what needs to be done or is expected of him as a service to his or her country, there is no way they can allow to be a politician’s stepping stone. The blame should go to the youths,” said Mkhutche.

dpp youth
DPP youth are accused of being tools to dent Chakwera’s image. (Google image)

He added further by urging political parties to stop using young people in politics and taking advantage of their desperation amid high unemployment rate and unfavourable economic atmosphere.

“We cannot expect all youths to realize that politicians sometimes uses them. Some do it out of desperation and that is a challenge that can take years to address. The answer lies in our political system and politicians. They are the ones in the know. If they can choose to act for the youths, stop using them, that can help matters,” he explained further.