Phalombe youths have nothing to do, so they are resorting to immorality

Youths in Phalombe on Monday raised concerns over unavailability of a community youth centre, claiming it is one of the things fuelling their engagement in immoral behaviour.

One of the youths Choice Maliwata said most young people in the district indulge in various malpractices as they have too much idle time; a thing he described as dangerous to development.

“We rarely have sports and other recreation activities due to unavailability of a place where they could be enjoyed, as a result many youths end up into alcohol and drugs abuse, and also promiscuity,” said Maliwata.

The idle Soche Technical College graduate argued that given a youth centre in the district, many youths would be putting their time to better use as opposed to how they are wasting themselves currently.

Commenting on the concerns, District Youth Officer for Phalombe Richard Juwawo concurred with the youths on the dangers of not having a facility where they could meet and teach each other important things in the district.

He however indicated that it was sad that currently there is no clear vision as to when the district will be able to construct such a facility as the district council does not have it in its plans for this year’s development projects.

“There is no hope for the construction of a youth centre in the district, and this is our major worry too so we will continue to lobby with stakeholders who can assist in either funding construction of the facility or influencing the council to consider it soon,” said Juwawo

He further observed that after being constructed, a youth centre would provide youths in the district with opportunities to access information on various issues such as health, education and career development besides serving as a recreation centre.