Government not serious about fighting corruption – analyst

George Chaponda with Peter Mutharika

A political scientist in the country says the reinstatement of Foster Mulumbe as Admarc chief executive officer shows that government is not serious about fighting corruption.

Foster Mulumbe
Foster Mulumbe has been reinstated as at Admarc boss.

Mulumbe was suspended in December after being suspected of corrupt conduct during the process of procuring maize from Zambia.

But now he is back at work even though the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) raided his home and offices two weeks ago to search for information in relation to the maizegate scandal.

Speaking to Malawi24, one of the political scientists in the country Wonderful Mkhutche said Mulumbe’s return demonstrates that government has failed to show an anti-corruption character.

“The reinstatement of Mulumbe shows that the leadership is not serious in the fight against corruption,” said Mkhutche.

He added that the fact that the commission of inquiry found irregularities in the maize deal should have made government to wait until everything was over before reinstating Mulumbe.

The political scientist further said that there are so many eligible candidates to become the chief executive officer of Admarc and not only Mulumbe can be on that position.

“The government has failed to show an anti-corruption character, the actions by ACB weeks ago, raiding homes of those connected to the scam, redeemed the lost image. But allowing Mulumbe back to work at this time has taken the progress back to its first step,” said Mkhutche.

According to Mkhutche, Mulumbe’s return will also attract suspicions from the general public.



  1. Dzianthu kapena kuti dzimbabva dzopanda ndi uzimu omwe kubera anthu osaku mopanda manyazi.kaya azikazi anuwo kaya dziana dzanuzo dzimati chani dzikamabva kapena kuona inuyo mukuzuza mizimu yosalakwa mmidzimu inu kumayendera magalimoto odula????.please GOD help us,bodza nkhondoyi tatopa nayo ndithu,why give us thieves to led us???

  2. I do not agree with Mkhutche. This Mulumbe was suspended on suspicion of corruption and his house and office were searched. Nothing tangible was found hence the man is presumed innocent. Why do you want someone punished based on suspicion – THAT WAS KAMUZU ERA WHERE PEOPLE WERE DETAINED AT DZALEKA WITHOUT TRIAL.. Let democracy prevail over political opinion differences based ONLY ON SUSPICION.

  3. These people in government are thieves to the core. So you think this is normal in democratic society. When Dr. Chakwera advises you to act against corruption you attack his personality. What type of nkhutukumve are you??? You think you’ll rule Malawi forever so that you should keep on looting our tax payers money??? Time is coming and its not very far for you to pack up and go Tatopa nanu agalu inu.

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