9 million Malawians to have national IDs by end of year

National ID Malawi

The National Registration Bureau (NRB) says it is hopeful that by the end of this year nine million Malawians will have been registered in the third stage of the registration process.

The NRB is carrying out a registration exercise so that the country should be in line with its Southern African counterparts as Malawi is the only country in the region without national identity cards.

According to the spokesperson for NRB Norman Fulatira, they are in the second phase of the registration process which involves registering civil servants.

Fulatira has confirmed of the NRB’s plans.

Fulatila said so far they have registered almost all the civil servants based at Capital Hill and those in Lilongwe.

”We are progressing well as we are in the second phase of the registration exercise and we have registered almost all the civil servants based at the Capital Hill as well as some in Lilongwe and some districts in the central and southern regions,” said Fulatira.

He added that they will start registering civil servants who are in the northern region soon and they have also registered prison officers and are hopeful that soon they will register Malawi Defence Force soldiers.

According to Fulatila, the registration process is a long process as it is aimed to ensure that everyone who has registered receives their Identity Cards.



  1. Honestly I seem not to understand our government. What the different between civil servant any other citizen? Some of civilized countries they don’t do such things. We are equal

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