NMC resumes Bullets sponsorship


Nyasa Manufacturing Company (NMC) has lifted its suspension on sponsoring Super League giants Big Bullets days after the company temporarily pulled out of the club due to infighting.

NMC suspended its funding to the people’s team in order to force Bullets committees to end the wrangles that have marred the club.

Big Bullets

Bullets and NMC when they announced the sponsorship

However, Malawi24 is yet to establish if NMC’s resumption of the sponsorship means that the infighting at the club has come to an end.

But the company’s decision comes a day after Bullets supporters committee demanded Nyasa Manufacturing Company to pay the players their February salaries before 4PM on Tuesday saying failure to do so will see the end of the partnership between the two sides.

The wrangles in Bullets family started when the club’s Board of Trustees ignored calls by the supporters committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to organise polls for the main executive committee this month.

Later on, the Board of Trustees gave in to the supporters committee’s demands but scrapped off some positions in the executive committee, a move that did not go well with the supporters who vowed to have all positions contested by the aspiring candidates.

After seeing that the supporters had stood their ground, the Board of Trustees resigned.

NMC and Bullets signed a five year K0.5 billion partnership deal last year when Sam Chilunga was the team’s Chairman before he was ousted midway last season