Mzuzu Mayor dumps PP for DPP

Mzuzu Mayor William Mkandawire has announced that he has left the People’s Party to join the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

According to reports, the councillor announced his departure from PP on Monday.

Mkandawire said there are several things which has made him to think of quitting the party.

He claimed that there is poor leadership in the party, something which he said he did not like.

William Mkandawire dumps PP.

Apart from that, the councillor also said he has seen lack of direction and vision among others things in former President Joyce Banda’s party.

“It’s true am no longer a member of People’s Party, I want to focus on developing the city and serving people, a thing I failed to do in the last two years with the party.

“People of Mzuzu needs good roads, bridges and modern markets and I have made up my mind to work with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to see that through,” said Mkandawire.



  1. When will Malawians know that Development belongs to all Malawians? You think being in the ruling Party automatically gives you the right to develop your area? Development is done using Tax Payers Money and Tax is being paid by all Malawians from Malawi.

    Malawi belongs to all of us

  2. Idiot,the beginning of the end of your political career.just wait and see,yo will gi back to teach at your parents private school.

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