We don’t care if Nyasa go – Mabvuto Chiwambo


…supporters send warning to Nyasa

Flamboyant Nyasa Big Bullets supporter’s general secretary Mabvuto Chiwambo says his committee is too smart to be blackmailed by sponsors Nyasa Manufacturing Company (NMC).

He was reacting to NMC’s decision to temporarily suspend its sponsorship to the club following in-house fighting between some members in the Board of Trustees and the supporters executive committee.

According to Chiwambo, NMC deliberately made the decision in order to blackmail Bullets supporters to make them believe that all the wrangles within the club are being caused by the newly elected supporters committee.

He said the sponsors’ motive is to take full control of the club, a move that will be blocked by the supporters committee hence causing all the confusion.

Nyasa Big Bullets vs Karonga United

Big Bullets (In red) have their sponsorship package held up.

“We know the motive behind this. They are trying to turn the supporters against us with the aim of taking full control of the club. As long as we live, it won’t happen,” he explained.

Asked as to what will happen to the players’ welfare, Chiwambo said: “We will try to convince the sponsors to pay the players their February salaries because their decision to have the funding suspended came effective on 6th March and not in February so NMC must pay the players their salaries.

“As long as we are in the supporters executive committee, we will not allow Nyasa to snatch the club away from the original owners. It’s better to let the sponsors go instead of allowing them to steal the club from us. It’s better to see the team suffer without sponsors than allowing them to achieve their goal,” he told the local press.

On Monday, NMC demanded the supporters committee to reinstate every member from the Board of Trustees as a condition for the company to resume sponsoring the club.

Wrangles started when the Board of Trustees ignored the supporters committee’s demands to have elections for the main executive committee in favour of commercialization drive being championed by Malinda Chinyama.

Days later, the Board of Trustees gave in to the supporters’ demands but scrapped off the positions of General Secretary and Treasurer. The move did not go well with the Stone Mwamadi led supporters committee which vowed to have all the positions contested by aspiring candidates.

This forced almost each and every member in the Board of Trustees to start jumping off the ship as the pressure was just too much to handle.

Hours later, Finance and Administration Chairman Fleetwood Haiya followed suit by throwing in the towel as the situation at Bullets kept on worsening. However, things took another direction when Mwamadi named an interim executive committee without the consent of sponsors NMC.

Stone Mwamadi

Stone Mwamadi: Named a new interim.

In a related development, the supporters committee has given an ultimatum to Nyasa Manufacturing to pay the players their February salaries failing which; the team will pull out from the partnership.

In a letter dated 7 March 2017 and signed by the supporters committee, NMC has been ordered to pay the players by the end of business hour of Tuesday.

“As corrective measures in this whole case, we as Bullets FC supporters committee are demanding Nyasa Manufacturing Company (NMC) pays Bullets FC players their February salaries today on March 7th 2017, before 4 PM.

“We would like to mention that if NMC fail to pay the players before 7th March 2017, we are of the stand that they should pull out from the Bullets-NMC partnership by tomorrow noon,” reads part of the letter.



  1. That is the problem of electing uneducated savages to be the leaders of the supporters committee.
    They want to be stealing gate takings. Mavuto neba Mbuli zokha zokha. Ine phee kuwonerera.

  2. Mavuto chiwambo,ur vry stupid, cn u afford to pay even one player money frm u pocket? Chomwe mu sakugwilizana ndi Commecialization ndi chani? Mukufuna Team muzingoyibelabe? Storn Muwamadi mukumupotoza ndi inu mukufuna akhale olemphera pa mapeto. Musanyoze nyasa company lero. Inu simuvutika chifukwa choti mumaba koma ma players ndi amene amavutoka.

  3. Masapota opusa ngati awa safunika ku malawi ndipo ndiomwe amaba ndalama za ma player cholakwika ndichani kuti timu ikhale mmanja mwa ma sponsors zaoneka kuti mbava ndizimenezi zomwe zakhala zikuba ndalama ma player mkumavutika
    Let Nyasa take over the club to make it move better.

  4. You dont care sure??? Anthu omvetsa chisoni a bullets mbuli okuba inu. Ineyo ndine mboni anthu awa amaba mma gate ndiye akuwopa kuti itha ntchito yawo ya pagate

  5. Some of us usually dont comment on issues coming frm people like this guy called…..trouble, but i cant resist this one. Its very disheartening to hear and see supports taking a club like their farm/full time job. We can now cleary see that you people can not survive in town without milking this poor team…why??? do you even know who a supporter is and his/her duties? I guess no! You have truelly portrayed that you are money hungly. As a matter of fact, you dont deserve to live.


  7. this secretary is drunk I think he wants the sponsors to go who the hell will finance the team let the Nyasa owners take the team over and make it professional
    the supporters are just looking for money here nothing else

  8. Mbuzi za ma supporter,a Mabvuto Chibambo can you manage to pay rent for players??vuto lake mukusunga ma hule amene munakwatiwa kumanyumba kwanuko ndi ndalama zoba ma gate.its you and your fellow committee members who must go and not NMC.Umbava basi,zitsiru za anthu.mumaona ngati ma supporter ali ku Blantyre kokha??By the way NMC are the supporters and you with your foolish committee members are just mere fans.do you support the team,if yes how??Zitsiru nonse amene muli mu “fans executive committee”.Do you want the players to suffer because of your useless motives??Agalu inu,ntchito kuba ma gate basi.

  9. Comments from Mabvuto Chibambo i quote “the sponsors’ motive is to take full control of the club” Yes the sponsor should take the full control of the team because supporters committee has no financial muscle to run the club. I believe that NMC is the genuine supporter of the club the rest are fans because supporter supports the team not milking the team as supporters committee are planning which we are going to block. Supporters committee knows that once NMC takes full control of the team AKASOWA KKOKUDYA. These guys are confused lot who dont know what management of a club means what they know is to man the gates and reap where they did not sow. Izo zatha we would like to see the team growing and developing. We want a stadium, Team bus as well as club house.