Uladi to spend a night in the cooler

Uladi Mussa

Acting President for opposition People’s Party (PP) Uladi Mussa will be spending a cold night in a police cell in Area 3 in Lilongwe following his arrest earlier today.

Earlier today Mussa handed himself to the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) as a scandal that involves issuance of citizenships to illegal immigrants involved him and other Immigration officers.

He granted citizenship to illegal immigrants from Burundi, Rwanda and other war prone countries when he served as Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security some years ago – in a series of instances that saw him obtaining millions of money.

According to reports, information that the law enforcers are gathering now indicates that the Salima South Member of Parliament made use of his post to to grant the citizenship to the foreigners who did not stand it to be granted a Malawian citizenship.

Recently, ACB arrested chief Immigration Officer Hudson Mankhwala over the same matter.

The case also involves former chief citizenship officer David Kwanjana.

Meanwhile, Mankhwala has been granted bail on conditions of reporting to the ACB every fortnight.



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  1. Nanga cashgate ija muthana nayo liti chapondayu mupanganaye bwanji .apantumbo inu, mukamanga munthu oti zomwe anapanga dziko silingasauke, mukusiya anthu amene akusaukitsa dziko lathu kumaba ma billions of kwacha panyelo panu

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