Nsanje South West MP spits venom at Mutharika


Member of Parliament for Nsanje South West constituency, Dr Joseph Chidanti Malunga, has accused the Peter Mutharika’s led government for what he said is shielding the most wanted criminal ministers.

Malunga who recently abandoned the ruling Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) after the party failed fulfill its agreement it promised his constituents, said Mutharika is reluctant to bring to book Dr George Chaponda,the then minister of Agriculture despite concrete evidences by both the joint parliamentary inquiry committee and the Anti Corruption Bureau who found him with a huge of money stashed in suitcase in his bedroom.

Dr. Joseph Chidanti Malunga

Dr. Joseph Chidanti Malunga : Heads the committee.

Malunga who did not mince words says DPP is a failed government,having full of thieves and that it cannot rule Malawi again come 2019.

“Oh yes! DPP is decayed party,having a bunch of thieves,wherever they are,are bunch of thieves and we cannot be ruled by bunch of thieves”,said Malunga as quoted by Malawi24.

According to the Law maker,DPP has been given a red card and most Malawians are fed up with its corrupt practices.

Speaking at a political rally he organized on Sunday,March 5,2017 at Nsanje Boma,Dr Chidanti Malunga who is also Chairperson for Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture has warned that his committee will not leave any stone unturned but cleaning up all messes currently rocking in the Agriculture sector.

He said apart from the maize gate that has seen former Agriculture Minister,Dr George Chaponda being implicated,there are some companies and people who have been summoned to answer questions on how they took part in the procurement of 2016/2017 FISP come Monday next week.

He said as a Chairperson for Parliamentary committee on Agriculture,he will expose all people who will be involved in the plunder of government moneys during the process of procuring FISP for 2016/2017 growing season.



  1. I was confused with the first photo where Peter Mutharika looks like the younger brother to Yoweri Museveni of Uganda. This is a very good stance taken by Dr. Joseph Chidanti Malunga and this is what we call DEMOCRACY – SAYING IT OR CRITICIZING AS IT IS – fairly and squarely.
    Most MPs who do not carry the title Doctor (Dr.) are not deliberating on Chaponda issue because they feel intimidated to attack a PhD holder.
    Even Kamuzu when he built Kamuzu Academy in the 80s, he challenged all Malawians that there was no one qualified enough to teach at his Secondary School academay – yet there were Lecturers teaching at Universities like Chancellor, Bunda, Polytechnic etc.

  2. Tikanakhala ndi antu anzeru ngati Dr Chidanti Malunga dziko lathu likadamayendabwino zedi. DPP yachuluka ndi mbava. Ndizoona come 2019 sangalamuleso. Tatopa nalo boma la mbabva il

  3. Bwana,the president has done his part by removing Dr. Chaponda from his cabinet. what is left is for ACB & the Police to build up a case if any. i dont see how even were it you would have done otherwise. mukundiseketsa kuti ndi maphunziro omwe muli nawo you can sink so low ponena zinthu chifukwa chofuna kukhala pa front page

  4. You wanted ministerial position bambo ndiye munaona sukubwera ndiye munathawamo. Akanakuptsani udindo inu sibwenzi mukunena zimenezi. Come 2019 DPP is winning the elections. There is any other party ingawine chisankho as of now. Look at what is happening mu MCP. Nanga PP utsogoleri wake uli kuti? Inu ndiye amene muzachotsedwe pa mpando kwanuko. DPP woyeeeeee

  5. More fire,Dr chidanti Malunga and Hon Kamlepo Kalua.You are not represantatives of only your constituents but all Malawians,how I wish all sleeping MPs were as robust as you two are.May the good lord give you more wisdom and courage to continue pinning these useless thieves.Kudos should also go to Hounarables,Kusamba Dzonzi,Kamwendo from Dowa,Odalla Alekeni Menyani,and Juliana Lunguzi.You guys are representing the youth very well.God bless you all.

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