New music talent show to start airing on local TVs

A new talent show in Malawi is just a few days away from television coverage following an announcement by its producers.

Branded the Upcoming Music Talent Show, it is a brainchild of Mibawa Limited. The multimedia company is producing the show under its Mibawa Studios.

Information provided to this publication indicates that the music show will be shown on two local televisions, Mibawa and state owned Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). The latter will be the first to cover the contest on 7th March while the former will follow a day later on 8th March.

New TV show on the radar.

According to Mibawa Limited, the talent show is targeting budding musicians without a platform to showcase their musical skills. This will therefore be an opportunity for the musicians to expose themselves.

The selection process for artists to take part in the show was conducted last week. Youthful Malawians with different vocal strengths participated in the exercise which saw only the deserving getting the nod.

This is one of Mibawa’s initiatives in taking the country’s art industry to greater heights. With long term commitment in the industry, it gives Malawians a gleam of hope for an improved arts and entertainment sector.

Up-and-coming musicians in the country are privileged with projects that expose their talent. Through music contests like the E-wallet talent show, hidden treasures are excavated. The contest has within its years of running managed to expose Kelvin Zalimba popularly known as Kelvin Singz, McLuther Nambala, and Adrian Kwelepeta, among others.

The Upcoming Music Talent Show supplements existing music contests. In this respect a double outcome is expected of the talent exhibition exercise.