Msonda thanks APM for board member appointment


….I will deliver to the expectations of Malawians.

Former People’s Party (PP) spokesperson Ken Msonda has applauded the Malawi leader Peter Mutharika for appointing him to be a board member for Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC).

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Msonda disclosed that he is to deliver as a member of PPPC board for the interests of Malawians.

“I am so grateful to God Almighty for the appointment in PPPC board. I am thankful to our state President HE professor APM for trusting me to serve my country in that capacity and am humbled.

Ken Msonda

Ken Msonda enjoying the fruits of his ‘labour’.

“With the experience I gained during the Privatization of MTL when I was Board Acting Chairperson, I am sure HE APM made the right choice; I shall perform my duties to the best of my knowledge and carry my responsibilities to the best of my ability,” he said. Msonda changed his party colours to ‘blue’ officially at a Democratic Progress Party ( DPP) rally on November 27, 2016 at Masintha ground in Lilongwe. His resignation as spokesman raised eyebrows as the public suspected Msonda of joining the ruling party for ‘favours’, allegations which he downplayed.



  1. Why should Ankolo Ken cling to a party which has no direction and whose founder is in self exile? He also need bread and butter for everyday life.

  2. Nicolas Dausi ndimembala weniweni ndipo ndiwamkulu ku MCP,Ken Msonda ndimembala weni weni ndipo ndiwamkulu wa UDF, accepting these forks to join any of u ppls party is a grave mistake, believe u me, akungofuna kukudziwani pamene mumayambira ndipomwe mumalekezela akatelo chipanicho chikasokonekera abwelera kuzipani zao

  3. Kkkkk msonda ndiwadyera, ine nditamuva pa program ya “tiuzen zoona”pomwe anali muneneri wa pp muuramuliro wa maiget akunena kut dpp ndichipani chazikwanje koma lero ali phuno biii konko ndiye tiziti ndi chani?aaaaa ndalezakumalawi izoooooooooo!

  4. exactly, he has got wat he wanted. i know #Ken very well. this man is too greedy, selfish, insane, evil, nefarious, maricious &harmful. he is a great masquerader. the APM himself must becareful wth this #virus

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