Chaponda Amangidwe: Malawians calls for arrest of former agriculture minister


Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) yesterday took to the streets where among others they called for the arrest of former agriculture minister Dr George Chaponda over his questionable involvement in the purchasing of maize from Zambia.

The demonstrations that were led by Human Rights activists Billy Mayaya and Gift Trapence of Centre of Development for the People were centred on demanding government to address high levels of corruption, nepotism, threats to human rights defenders, power outages and persistent water shortages in the country.

Despite low turnout of people who took part in the demonstrations, few but well organized Malawians gathered at Area 18 roundabout with placards which among others were written that “Chaponda Amangidwe” , “Amalawi atopa” and “ No more cashgate.”


Demos in Lilongwe on Thursday.

Demonstrators rallied in the streets of capital city, Lilongwe to Parliament where they gave petition to President Peter Mutharika through Speaker of the House Honorable Richard Msowoya.

Speaking at Parliament , Mayaya said that the major issues are focusing on transparency and accountability and the end of impunity.

Mayaya also accused Anti- Corruption Bureau (ACB) of not functioning effectively to end corruption in the country.

“The ACB is not doing its work and all it does is selective application of the law by focusing on the members of opposition or small fish in the government but we want the big fish like the seven ministers to be probed and investigated and if they are found guilty the full force of the law should be applied upon them,” said Mayaya.

In his speech, outspoken legislator Kamlepo Kalua assured the demonstrators that the issues will be addressed in the next Parliamentary meeting.

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