Warrant of arrest issued for Uladi

Uladi Mussa

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has obtained a warrant of arrest for People’s Party (PP) acting President Uladi Mussa over reports he was part of the deals that saw illegal immigrants being granted citizenship when he served as Home Affairs Minister during the Joyce Banda administration, Malawi24 has learnt.

It is said Mussa granted citizenship to illegal immigrants from Burundi, Rwanda and other countries. The ACB has at the moment arrested chief Immigration Officer Hudson Mankhwala over the same matter. The case also involves former chief citizenship officer David Kwanjana.

The three are suspected to have played an integral role in all the unscrupulous deals that took place in the period from November 2012 to 2014 when the PP lost the elections. Mankhwala appeared before a court in Lilongwe on Wednesday where he pleaded not guilty. He has since been released on bail with the case expected to resume on 17th March 2017.

Uladi Mussa
Uladi Mussa: His arrest looms.

The ACB has reportedly gotten the arrest warrants against Mussa and Kwanjana.

Police documents made available last year read: “In one of the cases in the documents, Mussa is accused of granting citizenship to a Rwandese, Eric Banyana, who instead of applying for citizenship for only his wife, Kandenzi Alufongwa and children; Eric Havigineza and Angelique M. Eric, ended up adding six more people on the application list which was submitted to Home Affairs office.”

As an adult and family man Banyana, based on laws, only had legal jurisdiction to apply for his wife and children under the age of 18 at the material time. Everyone beyond that age was supposed to apply separately for their own citizenship.



  1. ACB should chase everyone who is involved in such cases everyone who breaks the law should face consequencies regardless of his/her ranks whether they are in Government or not.ACB do your job without interference.Everyone knows oneself who is gona vote for in 2019.Let’s watch out

  2. Politics leave Mussa alone y can’t u get wallant arrest for those 5top ministers for abusing there office’s.do u mean jst 1 is capable to tell u da truth then u hv to arrest him the way u did with Lucius Banda the big man himself

  3. Acb bwanji mukuchita kusankha nanga nduna 5zija zimangidwa liti tsatani chilugamo nanga ama tractor amangidwa liti Koma inu wa ACB ndinu oyambitsa zisokonezo m dxiko

  4. tit for tat is not a fair game .why not arresting him in 2014 .u want to arrest him just bcoz he was the one who spoke in parliament that maize should bè sold at cheaper price ?

  5. Uladi is under the laws of our country while Chaponda is above the law. Why have you decided to arrest him first? Why didnt you arrest Chaponda first? Boma lokondera.

  6. ACB kumanga oposition yokha basi pomwe Dpp ma warant of arrest akuwolera nthumba, Peter Mutharika’s selective justice.

  7. Amangidwe bx bt da question is why now a ACB waxo ndiachinyengo their working with DPP since DPP yawo mbiri pakatangare yayipa akufuna mu 2019 aliyese zake zikhare pa mbalambanda it has n it will always be a game

  8. This Man Is Gentle And More Over Acting President To PP Party Uladi Deserve Respect So ACB Bring A Genuine Accusation Not This One,uladi Umakwana

  9. #Yamikani zona ndithu amene alodza malawi ndi mfitidi ngakhale matewela akhoza kudya kkk azimai ali bweeee mtownimu oyela manja ndi nkhope yokha ngati nazikambe kkk, kodi atate mwachita kale mdulidwe, kodi ndizichita mdulidwe ndili ndinjala sindikukomokelani? rezala lanu lili m,manja? Adad thamangani muzasite iiiiii yadzimanso chaka chatha ku Nkula anali nyani chaka chino akuti ndizimbili lamakina, amene analodza malawi ndi mfitidi

  10. Nthawi Yambiri Boma La Dpp M’malo Motukula Malawi Ikuchedwa Ndimikangano Atsegulira Zitukuko Zanzawo Kutsogoloku Amene Akubwerayo Adzatsegulirako Chan Chimene Bomali Lapanga Ma EMpty Maize Bags

  11. It seems kuti munachita kukakamizidwa inu a ACB to invest gate that matter of Chaponda now mukufuna kukondweretsa wina wake kuyamba kumanga munthu wina pamenepa uyu wakwiyitsa amalawi panopa ndi mfulu mukuganiza bwanji mukuona ngati amalawi alibe mitu yoganizira.ACB please work independently so that Malawians can put their trust on you

  12. Mmmmmm…..zithu zikuyenda step by [email protected] analakwisa pathawi ya joice banda and now its hy time to be arested soo dont haras acb they know what they are doing..of corse #chaponda is criminal of cashget but his had never gone to court…thus we call politics of malawi if u are weak in politic every day u shall suffer liki #uladi kusiya wakuba #chaponda

  13. Chipani chija chitha ngati makatani!!! Mumadziyesa ndinu oyera?chikho chija chakupezani?Dika madziapite udziti wadala.Warrant of arrest waiting for u!Very shamefull.

  14. Mukayamba ya my blvd mp #uladi….mussa kundiputa poyera kumeneko ndinda kungootcha malawi yonse kupatula president #uladi take care 4dat supid mbuli za anthu

  15. I have gone through all the comments. It seems people want Acb should do with Government officials only not with opposition. When Acb attacks opposition, you say have been sent by government. Kaya I don’t know.

  16. Corrigendum:Warrant of arrest 4 Chaponda the maizegater NOT Uladi.Uyuyu uyu mpaka pano sakumangidwa bwanji?Is he above de law?Only 2019 wl decide.

  17. That is brantolity of our regime why not chaponda and his fel colligues ife nde basi opusa si anthu andale km amene azizakavota pa 2019 pano nde mbuz yaykulu imeneyo


  19. a ACB chimenecho ndiye chibwana apa zikuwonetseratu kuti magwiridwe a ntchito yanu mumachita kuwuzidwa chochita,you dont work independently no one can trust you

  20. Here is aScenarial where Uladi was not an immigration officer and on the Very same note Chaponda was not afinance minister! ACB now decides to arrest Uladi first why? But let me warn you, Malawians are now calculating better than what they used to be before! Anthu akudziwa you searched chaponda osamumanga musaganize kuti anthu sakudziwa One day you will need the very same people you think you are fooling today!

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  22. First thing first,osaphiphiritsa nkhani apa.Mdala chaponda amwetsedwe actellic basi chifukwa mtima wake ndiwa namkafumbwe sizikusiyanai and bolanso anamkafumbwe amasiyako mbali ina Pang’ono

  23. Koma dzikoli kumvetsa chisoni bwanji nkhani ikhale yomangana andale # when did this country create jobs for poor malawians

  24. Ma political engineers adongolera yonnse akatero.cholinga akufuna Namkafumbwe wamuchimanga selfish chaponda apitidweko kamphepo basi.chifukwa kuli konse angapite nkhani mnjake basi.ndiana standard 3 omwe ali confused akumalozerana kuti koma zoona jentulomani wasuit ngati amenei kumakalowa mmadimba ndisaka kumakaba mondokwa wa eni wake zoona.
    Ana asukulu kungomuona mdala chaponda simobisira lunch box mwakemoi,kuopa achita chosomphola

  25. This acb is not helping us is part of ruling party, why they r claiming now just after weeks of chaponda’s scandal,

  26. No Saints in Politics, even going down to history of the famous. Just that slight appetite for Politics, already desolves your human face & mind. When you’re living in a GLASS house, don’t throw STONES-Peter Tosh’s (words of wisdom).

  27. Ngati anabadi amangidwe basi, sizandale izi galu ameneyi anayamba kuba during UDFs era, mzake nd kasambara now rotting in jail watsala Joyce banda naye adzibwera umboni ulipo kuno shaaaa,,,,,,,, chapondayo mumalize mwachangu kufufuzako naye akalowe issa

  28. mbuli za amalawi achenge golo musawade poti halftime ilipatali komaso golo lanulo iwo wakana akuti lili ndi mayenje live him alone plz mind ur on business mmalo mothana ndizinthu zoti zithandize ntundu wa amalawi mukulimbana ndizopanda ntchito agalu inu, nthawi yanu ikubwela mudzaziwona mbuzi za anthu.

  29. Acb hahaha akondowe mwalowa ndale zizakubwelelani izi anthu akuwonatu vakuba vama cashgate vili tayale va DPP hahaha

  30. ACB should not give us headache with that story instead of dealing the issues of cashgate and maizegate.The most corrupted people are them and they don”t mind complaints of the poor.

  31. Paja akayamba kugotha mkhutu akumatisiya mwadzidzidzi, awa mukuti a Petulowa mungotenga nawo tsoka mwina masiku awachepera kale.

  32. Kaya zawo izo.Ife tikungofuna atipangileko arrest onse omwe ali involved in the maizegate scandle.They should not try to trample this issue down by keeping our minds buzy with past events.We want to be hearing how this maizegate thing is being handled.

  33. Going through most of the comments sent, one can conclude that Malawians are fade up with these tricks being deployed by this clueless govt. Only brainwashed ones can’t read between lines! Folks wait for MBC muone mmene aikokomezere to enforce these useless tricks of the failed administration!

  34. Ken Nsonda nthawi yomwe umakalowa DPP mudakamtenga Uladi Mussa kukalowa naye mu DPP, ACB bwezi pano itangomuyang’ana

  35. ACB ndi achule zisiru zokhazokha why not to start with K577 billion then ending with these minor ones agalu enieni a ACB bwanji to start with 7 roten Minister’s (k577 billion cashgate)

    1. Am surprise too? Uyu wapezeka ndi ndalama zambiri palibe warrant of arrest up to now?uyu passport basi warrant of arrest, e amwene izi ndizopweteketsa mutu,

    2. Sam Gee Banda kaya ndiwe m’polisi or kukhalanso munthu ogwira ntchito ku ACB kaya ndiwe wandale ndiwenso Chisiru choyamba pazisiru zonse za pa dziko pano galu weniweni guess who r u to interfear a big man like me

  36. Alomwe Nsako adaimba kumwa tea kupita kumaliro ku toilet kogula makala zose kuganiza zomanga munthu galu iwe ngakhale utamanga malawi yose ndiwe mtsogoleri basi mulomwe sadzathekaso;> mbuzi anthu obwera

  37. ACB yakumalawi stupit how foolish are you?chaponda mudakanika kumumanga poti mumadya naye?mwayamba kuwonetsa.wopusa ndi amene adakusankhaniyo.pemphero langa nailakuti…..!!! AMEN!!

  38. some says dont judge a book by its cover,others says evry face tells a story. there is no smoke without fire….yet water gets boil with fire the very same fire is quenched with water. it just depend on who is on top of who………..so as ACB goes for Uladi its just a question of.. who is on top of who? A thief arresting a thief.

  39. And here we are having acb officials the other day saying they work independently without anybody’s influence or interference. Why now since this issue came out? So none of the current issues are going to be probed? Forget about Malawi going anywhere, if anything, these thugs are leading this nation into an abyss

  40. Musamange uladi musa bwelani muzamange ine.Tikukumbutseni dzikolitu lidali mmanja mwa azungu tinalimbana nawo kutitifike tilipa.Welesiky amatizuza inuso mutizuze?Tiyeni tingogawanapo dzikoli bac

  41. ACB mukusiya nkhani ya 577billion ndi maize gate mkumakalimbana ndi uladi why progress ya maize gate sitikuyiona mufuna muchotse chidwi cha Malawi pankhani ya maizegate, your being used by DPP, but zithu zimasitha watch out

  42. So ACB will always wait until the culprits are not in power? Unfair prosecution. When did ACB realised Uladi is aiding illegal immigrants? I never heard of that, I am hearing it now but how about this fresh Maize gate? Is it not fresh enough to be dealt with? Are we going to wait until it is forgotten? Or there are no orders for the arrests of people involved? The best way of treating a wound is when it is fresh. Let ACB act independently and deal with anyone involved in corruption practices fairly, regardless of political affiliation.

    1. Zikuenera Kuenda Mu Dongosolo Lake Bro.The Issue Of Uladi Started Early Even Before Chapondas Error.So Do U Want The Acb To Start With The New Chapter Before The Old One.Ithink Acb Is Doing Fine.Lets Take Things Step By Step

    2. This ACB.is political tool ,chaponda stole billions of kwachas but until today he has never been charged ,this is very worrying for ACB to being used to fight politics ,u must remember that next time u will be out of power & u will b punished badly ,don’t choose who to arrest ,arrest everyone that’s steal government money ,y u r failing to arrest this criminal : chaponda

    3. Mulandu suola..palibe Zosakha apa..let ACB..igwire ntchito yake!!!!!
      nchifukwa chani…mukufuna yemwe anapha chadowa ndi Njaunji….???
      it mean kut nzakele ndipo zilibe ntchito??
      No fresh No old…ngat musakha kut izi za fresh..izi za old..nde kulibwin0 Board ya ACB isakhalep0..

  43. When are u going to arrest Chaponda Chomanga. Now this shows that police and judicial is used to protect corrupt Dipipi. They must arrest Chaponda first then we can talk

  44. If he indeed did that to this poor malawi!!! Why not let him face thw music, lets hope its hope its not polical, though who cares? Uladi was one of the savege minister during his ime so no wonder.

    1. @jester are mature enough to be chaponda”s agemate? Or wat do you mean? Do not misinterpret my co.. what I meant was all the political leaders that I have witnessed are fortune seekers!! I hope if you have the platform to criticize just do it with ACB not me` they are humans like us they read your idea” in my thinking I dont spare anyone who flicks with tax payers money” the likes of Chaponda u have mentioned in your comment! May be you need my age coz I dint mention maizegate but the content of the story is Uladi” I have talked much about maizegate on other platforms. I rest my issue

  45. Bwanji wachimanga sakumangidwa,koma ndale zakuMalawi mmmmm mavuto,Opezeka ndi ndalama zakunja ujanso pano ali kwawo pheeeee!!!!Akuziwa ndi Mulungu basi.

    1. We DPP are not savages as some of you think we are.
      This issue has no connection with DPP, it is an issue against the law of the land in which Uladi and friends are involved.
      If the issue was against members of DPP, would you say ACB is wrong?
      For your information, come 2019 I am standing on the ticket of DPP contesting as an MP in Chapanda’s constituency.
      The problem is with Chaponda not DPP.
      I have all confidence to takeover as an MP from Chaponda.
      Come 2019 DPP is winning with a landslide, but your song,,,,, ,#DPP has rigged the elections# will resurface in full volume.
      If you think DPP will rig the elections in 2019, as opposition parties prepare yourself that your parties will do the same.
      But the truth is, DPP is strong in all regions than other parties that warrant us to have victory come 2019.
      You will live to witness my word.

  46. Thats is the only development in our country. Mmalo mopanga zinthu za chitukuko basi kuba ndi kunyozana. Striker wankulu Messi osammanga bwa

  47. Malawi alipamotodi ndalama zambiri mbiri kupezeka mnyumba mwamunthu mmomzi, muthalika akudziwapo kanthu nayenso alowe chaponda

  48. kodi kaliati nkhani ya ku Vipya sanamangidwe bwnj? nanga uyu watiponda chimangayu warrant of yake akuipondaponda mndani timponde

  49. mavuto anjala kuno kumalawi amuyikitsa chaponda pa moto ndithu kupanda njala chaponda anakatola chanika malingana ndikutolatola kwakeku

  50. Thats stiupid why osamumanga chaponda first munthu oti mulandu wake sukusowa mboni. Paja kumalawi khoswe akakhala pa plasma saphekatu chaponda azamangidwa DPP ikazachoka m,boma. Moti uladi yu mwamutola kamba koti sali nanu. EDUCATED FOOLS

    1. Inu ngat umboni muli nawo kaneneni ku police, we’re going to support you coz akusowa oyambitsa, aliyense akungoti chaponda amangidwe yet palibe yemwe wapitapo ku police or court kukamutsegulira mlandu, and you can see wamumanga uladi is not the president or dpp but ACB, so we’re waiting for anthu olimba mtima ngat inu kuti mubwere ndi umboni poyera

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