Govt to relocate refugees from Dzaleka to Karonga despite opposition


The Malawi government through the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia has insisted that it will soon move all refugees from Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa to the Northern Region district of Karonga.

Government officially announced its plans to relocate Dzaleka Refugee Camp from Dowa to Karonga in the Northern part of Malawi last year in May.

Grace Chiumia

Chiumia has confirmed of the news.

Concerned people from Karonga protested the decision saying the move will lead to insecurity in the area.

Making his contribution to the midterm budget review statement in Parliament in Lilongwe, Member of Parliament for Karonga Central Frank Mwenefumbo said people of Karonga are not happy with the intention of government and UNHCR to relocate Dzaleka Refugee Camp to Karonga.

But in her response, Chiumia said government will go ahead with the relocation of Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa to Katiri in Karonga.

Chiumia said the decision has been arrived at since the project received overwhelming support from a special committee headed by Paramount Chief Kyungu of the district.



  1. Koma ndiye kukasiya kutchire kumpoto?, mwaganiza bwanji a boma ,ambiri amapanga business Ku mponera komaso mu Lilongwe ndiye kumpoto akachitako chiani ngakhale atumbuka amathawako.

  2. These thieve in government are just after money that is given by UNHCR.The so-called refugees are coming from well-off countries than Malawi.It must be noted that in their countries of origin,there are no wars at the moment.These people are simply economic migrants PERIOD.

    For how long shall we be hosting them?For as long as there is no donor funds to supplement our recurrent budget?Nonsense.

  3. They can be moved to anywhere space can accommodate. Rehabilitate Dzeleka Prison buildings to ease congestion in other Prisons. I don’t understand the reason why these Prisons where closed, when it was an Administration that made these places almost like Ghost towns. Closing served no purpose but instead created serious congestion in Prisons that made inmates more at risk to transmittable diseases, so it was like cruelty to sortout cruelty.

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  7. Umenewo ndiye moyo uzikonda anthu a ku karonga munakhala bwanji kodi? Anthu amene akusamusidwawo ali ndi maso awiri komaso mikono iwiri mwachidule ndi anthu chimozimozi inuyo ndiye mukuti mukudandaula chitetezo kodi mwamva kuti kukubwera zinyama?

  8. kkkkkk mumati mutani atumbuka boma ndi boma basi boma likafuna lafuna ndie muone kuti kusunga munthu kumalemerera ife kuno ku kundzaleka tipume tsano

  9. even if you relocate the camp to karonga, it wont help to keep them there as they will still move to whereever they want to stay.. malamulo athu are very weak, you can find some of these reguees in every corner of Malawi.

  10. U will create insecurity not to Karonga only but the whole Malawi.Refugees will enter the porous borders without problems in Karonga and if they comit any crime run and hide into the neibhouring country before our security enforcers do something.Wait and see,u will remember my words.

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