FDH prohibits hats in banking halls

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FDH Bank no longer condones wearing hats within its banking halls, Malawi24 has learnt.

According the bank’s management, hats should be taken off upon stepping into the halls. Through written texts pasted on walls, FDH has made this known to all its valued customers.

“To our valued customers, please note that wearing of a hat in the banking hall is not allowed,” reads a notice at one of the bank’s branch.

This is a new development at the financial institution, albeit the reasons behind remain concealed. In this regard people can only jump from one speculation to another.

FDH becomes the first bank in Malawi where “a head in a hat” is a recipe for an offence since in other banks it’s a different story.

Most Malawians are ignorant on the matter, hence their silence on the issue.



  1. Security reason!! wat else do you think? give us news that’s synthesized

  2. They say you should take off the hat when you get to the till but elsewhere in the banking Hall you are allowed. Will they also our Muslim colleagues to do the same?

    1. Which bank is NBM? It shows you have never been in the bank before. Mind you am working in the bank! This applies to all banks in Malawi as a security measure, but you people don’t know this. Its for cct camera to catch your face

  3. Even trouza akuletsa, kabudula basi, and akuti kukubwelaku nsapato tizichita ngati muja achitila ku mzikiti kusiya panja, tizidzalowa bare mkati

  4. But all banks don’t allow hats in banking halls. It’s a security measure. I don’t see any news here…if you are wearing a hat the CCTV cameras will not capture your face…

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