‘No Peter, I am not coming back,’ says Ben Phiri

Ben Phiri & Peter Mutharika

Former special personal assistant to President Peter Mutharika Ben Phiri has reportedly refused to go back to his old position at Kamuzu Palace.

This has been replied amid social media speculation that Phiri is to retake his previous job of being special assistant to Mutharika.

Phiri, who resigned in 2015 as an assistant to the President following reports of ‘misleading’ Mutharika, disclosed that he is happy being in the field than working in office.

Peter Mutharika
Am not coming back boss, Phiri (L) seems as telling. Mutharika. – File.

He explained that he doubts if the calls within Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members for his return to the office are genuine following allegations that he was misleading Mutharika and pocketing huge sums of taxpayers’ money.

“To be honest with you I would consider it with less percent of going back because I believe am a man for the field and not an office,” said Phiri.

He further confirmed to have been approached by DPP to go back to State House as an assistant to Mutharika.

Phiri’s closeness to the President created a cat and rat relationship with some ministers expressing discomfort over his role in the system.

While at Kamuzu Palace, Phiri is said to have exchanged blows with one of the president’s advisers on allegations of pumping bad ideas into Mutharika’s head.



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