CoM ushers in new students union leaders

Flexon Fresnel Ngulinga

Being students that are in a democratic era, students from College of Medicine (CoM) a constituent University of Malawi (UNIMA) have ushered in new leaders that are to represent them for a year.

The elections that students had at the college last week witnessed Flexon Fresnel Ngulinga getting 499 votes representing 58 percent against Primo Richard Chirwa who got 361 votes representing 42 percent.

Gift Msowoya was voted to be the vice president of the students union with 631 votes (77 percent) against Alinafe Kawerama who got 188 votes representing 23 percent.

The students have elected Benjamin Mikolasi as secretary general while Stenford Kusakala is now the Treasurer general with Davis Banda being the vice.

Flexon Fresnel Ngulinga
Flexon Fresnel Ngulinga now President.

Samson Chilambe is now the accommodation director as Lombani Mumbo Thindwa takes the office of religious director with Yakobe Kaunda as deputy.

Ephraim Mndinda, Jayson Victor Chimphamba, Often Ashan Banda, Jeremiah Kabaghe are now to be male representative for the students while Vitumbiko Trinitas Phiri and Ruth Njikho are to be female representatives.

Speaking to the students before the elections, Professor of medicine at the college John Chisi urged the leaders to give the best of leadership to fellow students.

“You should know that leaders are a source of stability. No one will listen to you if you’re unstable,” said Chisi.

He further advised the leaders to “learn to care” arguing that they “cannot achieve without others”.