DPP government shivers at the prospect of investigating Mutharika’s cabinet

George Chaponda with Peter Mutharika

The Malawi Government has brushed aside calls by the opposition for the Anti-Corruption Bureau to probe all cabinet ministers on suspicions of corruption.

Members of Parliament during the week suggested that all cabinet ministers must be investigated after huge sums of money were found at the house of fired minister of agriculture, irrigation and water development George Chaponda.

George Chaponda with Peter Mutharika
George Chaponda (R) got fired by Peter Mutharika (L).

Concurring with the legislators, leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera also recommended that all ministers must be investigated.

“We demand that in view of the fact that a high ranking member of Mutharika’s cabinet has been caught in possession of cash amounts that have the looks of illicit cashflows reminiscent of Cashgate, President Mutharika immediately directs the Anti-Corruption Bureau to conduct similar searches in the assets of each member of his cabinet.

“[Mutharika should] immediately direct the Financial Intelligence Authority to examine the personal bank accounts of every member of his cabinet; and immediately direct the National Intelligence Bureau to place every member of his cabinet under surveillance until the Malawian people are given assurances that no other minister of government is using their position to conduct undocumented transactions for person,” reads part of the statement.

However, government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi has hit back saying such a probe would be illegal.

“Every case has to be tried on who is accused, there is no way you can accuse an institution, you accuse an individual basing on the evidence you have, so to say that all ministers must be probed just because there is an issue it’s not correct, I mean it’s illegal,” said Dausi.

The Information Minister also advised Chakwera not to act holy saying he needs to be investigated on how he is building his multimillion kwacha mansion in Lilongwe.

“Dr. Chakwera want to be seen holy, but what he has said is a political statement driven by vengeance and anger,” said Dausi.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) raided Chaponda’s house in search for information regarding the maizegate scandal as per recommendation by the commission of the inquiry that was appointed by Mutharika.

Additional reporting by Victoria Milanzi



  1. Amene sanabeko am’mange Chaponda yotu nanga: mukundizuznguza mutu bwanji, palibe ina nkhani please yomweyi mpaka mwezi Aaaaaaa

  2. I hope and believe without any reversive idea that those thieves you call your cabinet are sent by Mtharika himself and he is all aware in whatever is happening in his cabinet but is pretending to us like innocent.

  3. I can’t wait to support the idea, it will indeed help us root out rotten ministers,Chaponda‘s allies and accomplices .I urge the ACB to probe each and every minister without bias and pressure from anyone.

  4. What about Joyce Banda who can still afford to live in Europe for over two years on the Malawi Kwacha??? She must have certainly hid a lot of Public Money in Foreign Banks for more than Chaponda.

  5. Amalawi tikamatenge anthu otilamulawa ngati ndi angelo, nchifukwa chake akamakhala pamaudindo sapanga kalikose koma kuxiunjikila chuma. Tikayamba pano kuawonesa ukali wathu, ayamba kupanga zakupya chifkwa aziwa kt salipaudindo kt aziba koma kupanga zofuna zanzikafe. Ulemu opusawo ukutipwetekesa. Iwowa alibe nafe chisoni tikamapita kuxipatala koma kukabwerako osathandizidwa. Ndalama zamedic apisa mmatumba awo

  6. I would like to know the problems both to the opposition and the ruling.Instead of discussing issues that will bring development ,you are busy doing your businesses in parliament. This will not help common people coz much time is spent for nothing. We are here just to listen what you dabated but no gain at all.

    1. yes..i could be one of them….so what? is there any evidence that somewhere money is missing apart from what u know? useless follower of ur party……

    2. Do you set priorities in life you people? if i were you, I would have asked God to forgive me for thinking wrongly and even forget about politics and do charity work to save many souls. But coz u like politics too much then its better to do that coz u like it… i do comment depending on the current situation on the ground not thru theories or propaganda. Lucky you…..

    3. Mr liz. write your sense pliz…..i just want to know coz it seems you have a solution to the problem. i believe u are very intelligent that people can accomodate your views if not very stupid coz u didnt provide your opinion…all what u know is to analyse what somebody has said. Your school did’nt yield you anything if u went through the corridors of university that i know.

  7. kodi otsutsa ndi olamula mavuto anu ndi otani? mmalo mokambilana zanzeru koma mukupanga zokomela inu amene muli kumipando. Ndi dziko lathu ndi zomwe mukupanga sizitithandiza ayi. Ife tonse kwathu ndikumvela pa zomwe mwapeza koma phindu palibe chifukwa nthawi yopanga zinthu ikupita.

  8. Not only ministers, everyone holding a public position must be investigated, all member of parliament, District officers, police officers, immigration department, ngo’s religous sectors and all bussiness men/women, you will be shocked to find out that everyone is a corrupt

  9. Guys things is done any how there is rule of law …..
    President doesn’t have power to issue searching on cabinet households
    Without any claimed things …..
    Go to ACB first then once investigation is done you too…

    Mr Chakwera is talking like he doesn’t know the laws …

    1. Ha ha ha DPP its just a party
      ….be careful they might rule again ..
      Coz ur opposition isn’t strong enough to. Fight this ….ruling …
      Chakwera isn’t giving strong positive comments that he will do to lead us through red sea … To Canaan….

  10. Munthu osaba saopa wapolisi akamabwera ngati nonse muli clean zidzaoneka akakufufuzani osaopa uncle Dausi.Ngati dziko lingakanike kufufuza alipo wina woona paliponse akukuonani.Komanso tengerani chitsanzo atsogoleri ammbuyomu sakufunidwa ?Ena milandu ili mkhothi .Dziwani kuti ngati mukufuntha chuma cha aMalawi u will be accountable.

  11. Tiziwona pothela pake pempho lanthu ngati ife omvutikafe mp inu takambirani zamalipilo anthu omwe amwenyewa amatipatsa zakandizaka malipolo samakweza zakubazi ndiye m’bomamu zakandizaka osatha kutibela makobidi anthu amitsokho anthu omvutikafe mulibenafe chisoni? Aaaaaaaa zawonjeza dzikolathu ndidzikolabwino sibwezi tikumapita ku siuthafrica kumakamphedwa ngati khuku yachitopa akuti zanofobiya sindife olakwa koma ndinumukupagwitsa mavuto osewa tiganlzireniko tatopananu lijandikare munatiyamba kutiberaku ok bola mukawerenga muzigwiritse ntchito ndikuzichita kkkkkkkk

  12. ichi nchifukwa chake timafunika kuti mp aliyese asamabwereze. azingokhala zaka 5 basi then tizisankha wina osati yemweyo.

  13. Dausi is another crocodile,I mean all politicians don’t work for the poor,they work for themselves,my advise to all voters is that,don’t trust politicians they are all crocodiles waiting to eat us,I only ask the almighty God to suck them all,muntharika and chakwera are biggest crocodilez in the lake of fire

  14. You should listern to Dausi’s speech concerning Chakwera’s proposal. It is one of the very many ridiculous blabbings you would hear. These guys are pathetic. Let ACB do their job and even Msowoya knows it

    1. And from his verbal vomits you can hear that it is a voice of one who has so much to lose and i hate mbc for the role they are taking in prioritising mediocrity. Why do fear mcp so much?

    2. MBC is Malawi’s most biased news outlet Always favouring Gvt’s side. Reporting goodies about them but when there’s a scandal, you will neber hear it. I hate it

    1. can get it very well,the lomwe accent,am from TA Nankhumba in phalombe just after migowi where u find Nasiyaya FP school,so watch ur mouth ure talking 2 mafumu here,mukamatenga ndalama za misonkho ya anthu nkumapangira ma dinner dance m’malo mokaika tar miseu yamu bangwe ndi ndirande townships ija,nzakunyenyaninyenyani kkkkkkk

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