Malawians should expect fireworks during Gwamba’s album launch – Onesimus


Malawian gospel artist Onesimus says music fans in the country should expect the best from him as he will be coming to perform at Gwamba’s album launch.

The launch will take place at Robin’s Park in Blantyre in March.

Onesimus : Expect fireworks.

The singer was speaking to Malawi24 from South Africa after the release of his new songs My Son and Testimony which have been recorded in South Africa.

In his statement, Onesimus born Armstrong Kalua said he is preparing for his first stage performance in Malawi since he diverted from secular to gospel music adding he has the best for Malawians as a musician and messenger of God.

He also said he is working on an album of which some of the songs have already been released and are enjoying radio airplays. The musician said he plans to release the album before the end of this year.

The South African based Malawian musician added that more details will come as he is still thinking and seeking wisdom from God to guide him on the whole project.

“I have recorded about 18 songs in total but I have not yet decided how many songs to be in the album and what name should be given to the album since I have not finished recording the songs,” he said.

Asked if he helps local artists as he is one of the musicians who have lived and passed through secular, gospel music industry, Onesimus said many artists have approached him for help and it is his wish to give a helping hand.

“Many artists have asked me for financial assistance of which I believe with what God has blessed me with I can help them,” he said.



  1. We’re going to find out how you are because people there tocking about you guys that you are .

    …… it is true ??.?? But don’t worry about it just do your work

  2. Av never come across people that have so much hatred and jealosy like Malawians. Kaya mufune musafune zikathekabe basi. Zake zikuyenda. Naga zanu zili pati?

  3. Ana anjoka inu!! mufuna muzipusisa ndani pamene inu nomweso mukutumikila chithu chopanda udzimu/Chosapuma pa chingerezi khaya amati bullshirt indeed is a shirt story kwa ana Amulungu.

  4. judgement day they will be not saying mayooo! ine coz amayi wako nawo azakhala ali kulila like this song done by kanene

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