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The idiocy of MCP: An opposition party with no principle

Yesterday I was watching the Parliamentary proceedings as they were discussing the issue of inviting Scotland Yard to investigate the death of Issa Njauju and other related matters that unsurprisingly remain unresolved in this country.


While I agreed with the need for investigations, I was shocked with the zeal of opposition Malawi Congress Party MPs who were busy foaming trying to outsmart the other in convincing themselves why we need Scotland Yard to conduct the investigation.

When MP for Dedza East Juliana Lunguzi whom I had always held in a greater esteem until Yesterday stood to say that the people of her area would really agree with the joke of inviting Scotland Yard to investigate the death of Mr Njauju, I switched off the television. I had enough of that nonsense.

Much as I am not familiar with the people of that area, I am very sceptical of their satisfaction with the neo-colonialism that she was lobbying for. I might think that they really wish to see the truth on Mr. Njauju’s death but in all honesty I do not think it is their pressing issue nor is the coming of some colonial hangover object to carry investigations. I am still convinced that there Juliana had left her brain for the brain of a party idiot, like those DPP boys who paint themselves blue and even defended Chaponda.

I should state: the death of Njauju still is a blot on this country’s memory, it is sad. But in all honesty it should not have us abandon and forget our independence.

It is a shame how much we want this independence, that we celebrate it every 6 July, that we keep pressuring the government to wean itself off the donors, that we tell government not to legalise homosexuality and abortion yet we forget about all this sovereignty once we want to score a political point. How idiotic!

To be clear, I am not against the MCP’s proposal to investigate some of the bizarre deaths and fires that have become trendy these days but I am against their argument that only white people from our colonial oppressors can do the job. There I have problem with the MCP and also the government that is agreeing to such nonsense.

What message are we sending to the world by going back to the white people who colonised us and have always had the lingering doubts that we cannot on our own do anything tangible?

I think that it would be better to write back London and ask them to recolonise us seeing that we have failed ourselves.

For a party aspiring to be in power someday, I think MCP has displayed an honourable level of idiocy and a lack of principle in their cries that Scotland Yard should come over and help us understand mysteries among ourselves. Their thinking by extension elevates the white man and is a force in the wrong direction. It is not what we wanted when we fought for independence. The martyrs that we will be commemorating on 3rd March did not lay down their lives for such nonsense.

The Police system in Malawi might not be trustworthy but we could even have had contracted investigators from neighbouring countries to assist. Why are we going back to colonialists, whom are we trying to impress?