Churches, mosques becoming nightmares for road users – commentator


A social commentator has observed that churches and Mosques which are built next close to busy roads are causing problems for road users in Blantyre.

According to the commentator, Dave Namusanya, worshippers’ cars block roads during since the churches and mosques do not have enough parking space.

Namusanya: it is a recipe for disaster

He also wondered if the churches and mosques ask for city council’s permission before erecting their infrastructures.

“By the way, do churches and mosques ask for permission from the City Council before erecting their buildings in Blantyre? Or, maybe, they do as the Spirit guides such that the state has no control over their choice of location?”

“These places now, owing to their inconvenient locations, are becoming nightmares to other road users when it is their days of worship. Cars from their faithfuls are blocking the roads with little regard to other road users,” worried Namusanya.

He further questioned if responsible authorities consider such scenarios when they let religious organisations build their places of worship close to roads.

“Doesn’t anyone responsible for planning foresee that places of worship being erected next to roads, with no adequate spaces for cars for this very sinful generation is a recipe for disaster,” he said.



  1. We gather to worship the one made your life, the owner of everything. Who owns your destiny…your cars…your roads…your life? So you’ve been witched.

  2. No sense!! Y can’t you say the same thing about Bottle stores!! Bars!!!

    How many bottle stores do you see along the long, cars jaming the road simply because the owners packed there so they could drink beer!!!

  3. I THINK TIZINGOPUNTHA ALIYENSE OYAMBISA Zopusa akulankgulazo basi. Am tired of attention seakers, pple who owez wish to make headlines on stupid issues. Even Jesus anapanga nkwapulo mkuwathamangisa amalonda mkachisi nde inu mukuyambisa zopusanu, tikukuonani mukatitopesa muziziona zomwe akuba akuonesedwa mmakwalalamu

  4. There is a bottle store located at premises previously owned by Shire Bus Company. Are you telling me that place is safe for a bottle store ?

  5. Church and what u say are business and culture not for God so remember ur body is the temple of God nowdays look at YOHANE 6 vs 20 ur a wasting time to joining religion nowday is not GOD plan in Last days

  6. Really? What is this man up to? This is nonsense..

    I don’t even understand the motive behind your writing. Blaming churches/mosques for road congestion & location of buildings? ‘ churches/mosques ask for permission from city council..” what is that?..

  7. Palibe munthu ali ndimnphavu yoyambisa church koma yesu ekha mpingo wa khristu poul anali ndiomutila ambri alalikila kut bwelan kwa yesu.dziwan kut amene mumasonkhana mipingo ya anthu mupotozedwa nd zofuna en zpembedzozo .mulungu odziwa kudalitsa adalitse mawu emenewa amen.

  8. inu Ana anjoka if u hv nothing to write then keep quite coz mukulimbana ndi amene timapitila ku church ndiku mosque ameneyo ndi yehovah Mulungu so just shut up n concentrate on chaponda not GOD coz mwachepa Nazo zimene mufuna kuyamba!! AMEN

  9. Kod simunavey yesu atapita kukapenphela kuphili ndiophuzila ake kunatulukila elia nd mose ndpo ophuzla aja anat ambuye mutilole tmange mipingo itatu wina wainu wina wamose ndi eliya kom asanayankhe kumwamba kdaveka maw uyu ndimwana okondedwa kotelo tmuvele iye. Anakaloleza kunakakhala mipngo itatu,km panopa mpingo nd umodzi wa yesu ekha inay ndi bussenes chabe.

  10. There is no any building with any car park in Blantyre kupatula chichiri shopping mall .all the so called plaze n arcades there is no any space u can park even ur bycicle

  11. IF U have nothing to tell then think wise when bringing topics ur not happy to see worshiping house close to the road town plans allowed church’s and mosque,what will u do with schools ,market why why u don’t won’t to see people saved

  12. Where Is Your Prayer House? I Mean The One Bihind This Trush. Is It Deep Down Or On Top Midle Of Large Body Of Water Where You Cause No Trafick Problem Or Noise? I Know For Sure Your Target Is Limbe Mosque Nothing Less.Mwana Wa Trump.

  13. mwaiyamba ya anthu opempherano andale akutoesani kapena kusowa potchukira ? tikayankha muziti ndi ankhondo? pitirizani mwina anthu apeze chokamba

  14. Mxm!! how many churches nd mosques which are next close to busy roads.Of all the buldings he only saw churches and mosques to complain about.If it was tarven he wont say this mxm.

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