Churches, mosques becoming nightmares for road users – commentator


A social commentator has observed that churches and Mosques which are built next close to busy roads are causing problems for road users in Blantyre.

Churches becoming a nightmare

According to the commentator, Dave Namusanya, worshippers’ cars block roads during since the churches and mosques do not have enough parking space.

He also wondered if the churches and mosques ask for city council’s permission before erecting their infrastructures.

By the way, do churches and mosques ask for permission from the City Council before erecting their buildings in Blantyre? Or, maybe, they do as the Spirit guides such that the state has no control over their choice of location?”

“These places now, owing to their inconvenient locations, are becoming nightmares to other road users when it is their days of worship. Cars from their faithfuls are blocking the roads with little regard to other road users,” worried Namusanya.

He further questioned if responsible authorities consider such scenarios when they let religious organisations build their places of worship close to roads.

“Doesn’t anyone responsible for planning foresee that places of worship being erected next to roads, with no adequate spaces for cars for this very sinful generation is a recipe for disaster,” he said.