Madonna posts photos of transformed Malawian kids


Madonna could not wait any longer to show the world the magic done on Malawian twin sisters whom she adopted a few weeks ago.

The pop star has shared photos of Esther and Stella Mwale looking all changed. The girls who are just a few weeks old in the United States of America have been exposed in two pictures.

The two pictures the singer posted on Instagram are an implicit comparison of the kids before and after experiencing change of environment. One shows Esther and Stella posing with their foster sister, Lourdes, before America.

Another visual shows the Malawian sisters in similar Adidas sports suits. They are all smiling to the camera, a signal of better life in America.

Madonna has four adopted children from Malawi. All kids were spotted at the same orphanage in Mchinji.

Since crossing the sea, all the adopted Malawian kids have never looked the same.



  1. Kubelekana ngati mbalame a Malawi. Government has to adopt policy to avoid kubeleka kopanda nako responsibilities. Tsiku ndi tsiku tizingomva za orphans and adoption.

  2. madonna may u come and adopt us all coz malawian goverment is full of s””’t madam come and buy us K50.00 each as u know we’re not many

  3. Mwationjeza koma mukawatenga anawa mmawaphunzisa za chikondi cha Mulungu komanso za chikhalidwe chathu cha chimalaw kapena bas amalida American lifestyle? Tiganize bwino

  4. guyz letx appreciate the gud job dat madonna is doing 2our kids n indeed some millinaires in dis country can,t manage 2do as madonna is doing,,,!! we r proud of u

  5. Zabwno ndthu ofunka tiwayike manja mwa mulungu kut adzakhale oopa mulungu otherwise they have gone forever since Madonna worship a false God (kabbala)

  6. Transformation it means everything has changed even their way of living .4get them they r no longer Christians they will occultism

  7. Ndalama imasintha munthu, ndipo imamchapa munthu, imachosa kalungucheche yense wa mkhwapa ndi malo ena onse omwe simdusa mpweya, ndalama imachosa chifwindizi chomwe chimamanga maziko pakati pa mano, Ndalama ndiyofunika kwambiri pa umoyo wa munthu, ndalama imapangisa kuti upatsidwe maina osiyanasiyana aulemu, kunena chilungamo a Malawi ndife anthu okongola zedi komano umphawi umatibisa maonekedwe, nanga onani anawa mmene akuonekera sopano tiyeni tione mmene ankawatenga muja, umphawi umatipangitsa zinthu kukhala opposite, munthu ukuseka ngati ukulira, ukulira ngati ukuseka.

  8. Wish these cute souls the very best with many blessings to them & their Mother (Madona). A VERY BIG SHAME TO ALL CRITICS.

  9. Atsogoleri athu safuna kupanga adopt ana ovutika mizimu sindinamvepo kuti oimba wakumalawi wapanga adopt or mp ntchito kukhutisa mimba zawo ndikuba chimanga ndi misonkho ya mphawi

  10. koma m’dala wa anawa wamisala uja guyz mwamuonetsa koma m’mene mafanawa akuonera? koma akuoneka bho! and comment what cathy mannah say poti akutengerani ana ndiye akhale ngati ntchito ndiyomweyo yobelekayo ayi pezani zina zochita ok

  11. Adoption is not an option but becouse we say we are poor thats why we can thank madona for this so called adoption. Akutengele mwana chifukwa choti iweyo walephera kumupezela sima mmmmmm zimangovuta poti atsogoleli anthuwa akuyesetsa kuti ife amalawi tikhale zitsilu anthu opandanzelu

  12. Some of you are good at bleming the good work that some people with the sharing heart are doing. You failing even to share just a little to the people who are sleeping without food.

  13. Madonna you are doing a good job to put a smile on the faces of the needy. God should protect them and to make them good citizen.

  14. Madona can come and adopt many kids as she want. We have very rich people in Malawi, non of the care about the plight of these kids. Stop antagonizing her. Its either you help Madona help the poor or back off.

  15. Madona’s conduct ikuposa many pastors, prophets and the so called majority christians. Look around how many malawi millionares are helping opharns? Let Modona adopt as many children as she can as long as they are given a future. Anawa aphunzira best schools than any in Africa. Ambuye azimudalitsa mayi ameneyu

  16. thax madona mulungu azikudalisa koma bwanji ukungotenga achewa okha ife a Lömwe hatimakufuna ku America kapena mbiri yathu yakubayi yafika patali

  17. thanks madona GOD bles u.akunyozawa or K10 kwacha sanaipelekeko kwa mwana or mmodzi mwaopempha mmisewuwa.mulungu awatsogolele anawo kuti tsiku lina adzakumbuke azao amene amazuzikila nawo limodzi.

  18. My Malawi my selfish,you think bad about Madona but i tell you she is doing a great Job in God’s sight than a Pastor who stands on the pulpity preaching about good works and Love that He never ever perform,so stop critisising Her because even the big shots in our Country they dont have a tender heart like that….She is Just a good Samaritan.

  19. Munthu alibe chabwino these kids were in deplorable situation but now are being transformed then instead of saying thanks we speak evil. …what have your self done to change other people s lives? Lets learn to say thank you where it’s due. …that behavior is un Malawian

  20. Nanga azingodya mphalabungu kuno. Kupita ku xool aphunzisi kuaotchaso…..mmmm adye pizza aphunzile azatukule malawi

  21. Sizoti mmene akutengerani anamu, mukhale bsy kubeleka ana ena ayi. Uthengawu upite kwa makolo a anawa pliz.tengani njira za kulera chifukwa akubwerawo azasowa owalera.

  22. Shame…..#Anthu ena tinangobadwira kusutsa zinazirizonxe,do u think kuti #Madona angakwanitse kusamala #Ana omwe mukungobeleka mosaganizirawo?plz learn 2 appreciate sometymz,coz iyeyo wayesera kumbali yake.

    • They are transformed because a child growing in an orphanage and one growing in a home don’t thrive in the same way. There is nothing barbaric in making that comparison. We just wish more Africans would also learn to open their homes and hearts to orphaned and distressed children in our communities, just like we never used to have orphanages when we were still living according to Ubuntu principles.

    • Nyameka I think we need to focus on solving some of the causes of influx of kids into orphanages. I am involved in some charity work where we target such disadvantaged people but when you learn of why they are there, you shed tears. Are you aware that some kids in orphanages have all their parents alive?

    • Dave Prisoner Adyeeri they are transformed coz of the environment they are they have everything they want now good food good clothes at least a bed to lay down their bodies if u go to a different country developed country that will u still look the same as u were in MW wake up my friend

  23. Atsogoleri athu ku Malawi kuno akanakhala ngatiso madona bwenzi ana onse akuoneka ngatiso amene anatenga madona means we all very beautiful as God created us but political environment yatinyasitsa kutimana chakudya kumadya okha zabwino

  24. she is fooling you all so that she can adopt more children!.. can’t you see.. why can’t she just donate her wealth to all the poor and orphans one time instead of doing this to one or three children out out of millions of poor children?? wake up Malawi these are modern thieves!

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