Four Mchinji schools vandalised in two months


Four secondary schools in Mchinji have been vandalised by students since the start of the current school term, something authorities have described as worrying.

The development has worried various stakeholders in the district including police who have warned the immoral students to refrain from the malpractice.

The worry comes following a recent incident in which students from Kochilira Community Day Secondary School on Friday went on rampage and broke school facility and property worth K2.1 million following a disagreement with management.

This is the fourth school to be vandalised in Mchinji as Chimteka CDSS, Kholoni CDSS and Guillime Private Secondary School have already suffered major damages which will cost millions of Kwacha to be repaired.

Confirming the development to Malawi24, Mchinji Police Station spokesperson Kaitano Lubrino said that the night before the incident at Kochilira CDSS teachers with an eagle eye spotted that the students were pairing in darkness a situation that has been worrying them due to high dropout rate because of early pregnancies.

The teachers chased away the students but the students organized themselves and damaged their own school.

“The students went as far as damaging school blocks, school houses, offices and went to the extreme by damaging a motor vehicle for the Head Teacher of the school Mr. Alfred Chidiwa and all property damaged is valued to K2,163,500,” Lubrino told Malawi24.

Meanwhile the school management has closed the school until further notice to pave way for mediation and other arrangements.

Police have since warned students to refrain from vandalizing any government property as the law enforcers will not relent but arrest anybody who shall be involved in such kind of unpatriotic behaviour.



  1. I think its high time we discipline young barbalics like these else I smell more trouble ahead…. A country that won’t bear sight of beauty, that won’t giv room for negotiations…. These guys need sam discipline

  2. Mostly vuto limakhala la school management……….but ana akapanga react they always lay it against them….mwana wanzako nyemba ndi ngaiwa mpaka mwezi kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. boma lidzimanga ma xul abwino ooneka kumaso kwa anthu osati ma xul ngat makhola ang’ombe why ? koma kuba ndalama , chimanga , misonkha nde one , do u think mwana angaphuzire xul yolongosoka mapeto ake azonse ndamenewo

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