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Where is Peter Mutharika in all this f*ckery?

I have been hoping against hope that Peter Mutharika will somehow surprise us Malawians.

Mutharika (R) with Chaponda

With each and every passing hour, each and every scandal of Chaponda unraveling, I have been waiting for the news that Mutharika has acted on his wayward blue boy.

Even now, writing this, I am hoping that news will come in that Mutharika has risen above partisan interests and tribalism and has pulled the brakes on the ‘boy from home’ and ‘bestie’ that is George Chaponda.

Somehow it is dawning on me that I might actually be waiting for the impossible. Mutharika will not do anything on Chaponda, except that maybe he might surprise us all with gifting him with the Presidency.

The news that stacks of cash have been found at the house of the Agriculture Minister is disturbing. However what is more disturbing is not even the voice of DPP cadets defending Chaponda (for all we care, cadets are some of the most shameless creatures on earth with no brain of their own. They are parrots regurgitating every other useless excuse their paymasters say in their sleep). It is the silence of Mutharika that is disturbing.

The day the CoI handed over the findings to Mutharika with a recommendation that Chaponda should be investigated, I thought was the day that Mutharika would relieve Chaponda. It was not to be.

The suggestion that Chaponda could have been corrupt was enough to have the ‘bulldozer’ sent on forced leave. He might be innocent but that fear and suggestions that he might have been corrupt were enough warning signs. To my utter dismay, Mutharika decided to elevate Chaponda more. He was returned to the post of Chief Whip for the government. Thank our MPs that in their brief moment of sobriety they refused Chaponda the honour.

When the offices of Chaponda went up in Flames in that tragicomic coincidence, it was not a statement from Escom that I expected. It was Mutharika’s action. It was surprising that he decided to act asleep as if nothing had happened, as if the fire at the offices was not really one of the most stupid coincidences of his reign.

Now that the news is that George Chaponda was hoarding obscene amounts of cash in his house, you would think Mutharika would wake from his slumber and pull some midnight surprise but the only surprise is that Chaponda is still the minister.

It is surprising; both the privilege of Chaponda and the silence of Mutharika. That it leaves you with one question: where is Mutharika in all this fuckery?

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