Lulu reveals secret behind long music career


Malawian local urban artist Lulu has revealed the secret behind his success and uniqueness in the music industry.

In an interview with Malawi24, the Lilongwe based musician described patience as the most precious equipment that has made him to be one of the outstanding musicians in Malawi.

In his words, the Abiti Patuma hit composer said music has taught him to listen, wait, and have patience before doing things.

The musician said he has seen himself being successful because he does not rush when he want to do things even if the resources are available.

Lulu has been in a class of his own.

“To say the fact we are many in the music industry but there are several aspects that differentiates us in my situation I can talk of having a listening ear to what is going on in the music industry and having patience when it comes to music projects,” said Lulu.

Born Lawrence Khwisa, the local R’n’B artist continued to say that originality is another factor that has made him to be Lulu.

He said there are a lot of musicians in the country who starts well and later they change by imitating what other artists are doing both musically and socially.

He mentioned copying music and cultures from outside the country which makes them to lose their originality as Malawians therefore confusing their audience because of the way they sound and the culture they have adopted.

Asked if it is possible for one to depend on music as a career, he said it is possible only if one concentrates on the principles of music of which he said he is a good example because he has managed to acquire a lot of things such as money and fame because of music.

Despite the artist being admired of a lot of musicians like Kelly Kay, Dali Tech and many more, he also mentioned some of the musicians he look up to and appreciates their talent.

He talked of Paul Banda and Giddes Chalamanda as some of the great musicians he has witnessed their talent in his lifetime.

Lulu has released five albums in his musical journey from the time he started singing in church as a little boy. His most recent album is Mwayenera.


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