ICT gurus introduce membership cards


The Information and Communications Technology Association of Malawi (ICTAM) has introduced membership cards for ICT individuals and companies in order to subscribe to the body’ code of conduct.

In a statement released by ICTAM and signed by its President Wisely Phiri, ICT individuals and companies will be required to register annually.

According to Phiri, the membership has been grouped into three sections and it is open to students, individual proffessionals and corporate institutions.

ICTAMHe said the decision to come up with the membership cards its because no any other company can run without ICT. He further advised ICT gurus affiliated to ICTAM to fully corporate by subscribing to its proffessional code of conduct.

He also added that:”The introduction of membership cards, companies will no longer need to ask from us (ICTAM) for references on small issues as they can check if someone is a member using these cards. The cards have links to Individual Qualification Records (IQR) and are valid for one year which means they will have to be renewed every year as ICTAM membership is annual based. Registration can be received by [email protected] or [email protected]” he explained.

For students to register, they will have to pay K10 000, with individual proffesionals paying K50 000.

Proffessional individuals falling under corporate institutions will have to pay K25 000, with each corporate organization paying K250 000 for its membership.

Phiri then encouraged individuals and organisations to register with ICTAM.



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