Father cries for Madonna’s adopted Malawi children


The biological father of Madonna’s two Malawian children has claimed that he was “misinformed” on the conditions of the adoption.

Adam Mwale, a father to twins Ester and Stella who are currently in United States of America after a successful adoption by Madonna, disclosed that he thought the singer was only going to help his children with education.

He claimed to have been misled about the official agreement as he thought his children would be returned to him one day.


Madonna recently adopted two children in Malawi.

“I was told from the start that Esther and Stella were going to a rich woman’s home abroad, that she would give them a good education, then return them to me, to live with me and help all of my family.

“Now you are telling me the adoption is permanent. That cannot be true – I don’t want it to be true. I am their father and I will always be their father,” said Mwale.
The 40-year-old farmer – whose wife Patricia died while giving birth to the twins – denied reports that he abandoned the twins arguing that the judge was fed with “terrible lies.”

The father said he wanted help from the hospital to look after his twins, but was told that the orphanage was the best place for them. He added that everyone in his village understood he just wanted the best for his daughters.
Mwale remarried two years after Patricia’s death but still visited the twins regularly at the orphanage and worked to pay for their education.
He said he used to cycle the four-hour round trip to the orphanage everyday to see his daughters, and would buy them dresses and gifts, and that they would sit on his lap and laugh and play with him.

However judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula has brushed aside the claims arguing that the man was aware of the conditions.

Mvula added that Mwale approved every condition for the adoption process.




  1. This father must shut up his mouth where was he when madona was taking his child ?now after he finishes the money he is starting to talk shit ,shut your mouth

  2. oh!! poor minded father,amupopa ameneyi..some chaps working in the background,akungofuna kunyopolapo awa..i thought in such situations the parties involved are briefed clearly before an endorsment? zashamba basi!!

  3. oh!! poor minded father,amupopa ameneyi..some chaps working in the background,akungofuna kunyopolapo awa..i thought in such situations the parties involved are briefed clearly before an endorsment? zashamba basi!!

  4. Ana kukawasiya ku orphanage cz wakwatiranso bwanji mkazi winayo samalera anawo, achita bwino kuwatenga abambo opanda chikondi inu munakonda mkazi osati ana

  5. Dada uyu ni ndele coz how come children were at orphanage while he z alive galu yakumalirapo fotseki zako ,kumanya kubaba waka kuryesa mbwenu ukutondeka chinderechawaka shupiti federation

  6. Abambo achitsiru inu mwamva,akukupusitsani ndani?munalibe abale oti ndikuwasamalira anawo munkakawasiiranji FOOOOOLIIISHHHH man

  7. If I were the father of the child, ndkadapempha mnthu wamkulu kudera kwathuku kut tisinthise ndi .mkulu wina amene wavuta ndi chimanga komanso wawotcha nyumba yake….

  8. Ndiwo uchindele uwo nthawi yonseyi udzidzimuke lelo za ana ? Unkakanika nkuwagulila makabudula ankat omwe nde lelo ana apita ayamba kukuona kuwala iwe ndipomwe uti chanino? Zifukula mbewazo uko usatinyasepo apa

  9. How & why can he cry ,where was he when children takes.was not there an agreement,iiish mulibe pabwino bambo.But when she comes again(madonayo) let her go to the typical villages to adopt the needy ovutikisitsa aliko ukooo

  10. I guess there is something that happens when these adoption processes are being done. either the ones who are in the forefront of the processes do not reveal the ‘whole’ truth of the matter to the fathers’ or relatives or the fathers’/relatives just want to cry foul over their bad luck and miss out to raising the children themselves. this happened during the first time Madonna came to adopt David Banda and Mercy James. we donot want to be seen as we a country is out to sell our unfortunate children… we need to tread so very carefully.

  11. This guy is crazy the tym thy were dealingwith adoption proces he was aware about everything and he accepted now the kids are with madonna he started craming that all he want was the kids to get a better education his poor mind thought that madonna will send money to him for the kids so that he can become rich shame on u mwale just thank madonna for taking care of your twins

  12. Chokapo unali kuti pamene anawo amawatenga and ndichifukwa n’chiyani anawo amakhala ku Orphanage apo inuyo makolo muli moyo ndinu mbuzi za michira pamatako

  13. He is a big fool he cant even take care of himself,idiot and can we talk about something more useful like chaponda gate or something else

  14. U have found something to talk about ??concetrate on development people in the vilages need civic education on alot of things

  15. He would cycle 4 hrs every day 2 see them at the orphanage n buy them dresses? Then y didn’t he just bring them back 2 live with him? What a joker…………

  16. kkkkkk madala ndinu ochitisa manyazi ndiponso omvesa chisoni unalikuti ana anali ku orphanage usandisekese wamva uzimvere chisoni lwe ndiwe nzake wa chaponda eti? kkkkkk shame

  17. The issue is that he was misinformed on the conditions of the adoption. Judges please tell him the conditions you agree with Maddona

  18. More over he has four children left
    What more did he wants.
    He is crazy kkk
    Go to hello
    Help those four children okay
    Poor man.

    • I hope you are so holy that you will go to heaven but I doubt it if you have taken a step to help even a single kid from the orphanage or one from the streets. I bet that judgement is from Jehovah God only. so shut up if you haven’t had taken some poor helpless orphans into your home. Udzikane wekha mumtima mwakomo kuti wawachitira chani anthu osauka, olumala, anjala ndiwopemphapempha. mumakhala woyamba kuyang’ana kumbali munthu akabwera pa galimoto lanu kudzapempha ka 50 kwacha kogulira chakudya mungathandidze munthu wamasiye inu?

  19. Nde akuti Madona yo atani? Angokondwera kuti moyo wa anawo usinthilka tsopano. Amaona kapena kuti naye atola chikwama? Kkkk atola chikwama ndi anawo. And iyeyo ayiwale. Ungakasiye ana ako ku orphanage?

  20. He is stupid. All he knows just like other fools is to have sex and make babys but he can’t raise them, so they either have to suffer or be left at an orphanage ,and when someone takes them to be raised like normal children they start whining. You do not sell children, the only way to let them out is through adoption. Take care of your children or shut up when someone does so.

  21. How come the kids were in orphanage. You father children and send them to an orphanage? Where is parenthood. A father without responsibility! Useless father. I don’t expect children even with a single parent to be found in an orphanage

    • I don’t think that’s the appropriate way to comment on the matter. She didn’t stole the kids, she adopted them, giving then a chance for a proper home and a Good care. It is every kids right to have a proper care. Children are suffering in the orphanages and some many children in the poor homes are being looked upon by their other young siblings, am talking of those who don’t have a chance to be in the orphanages. all this’s happening while people like you do not have time to walk in the villages to see how people lives. it’s pathetic. So the children were in an orphanage, that only means that the father was able to look after them. and people should not say he was misinformed about it because he lost the kids when he gave them up to an orphanage center. Laws says he has no say about the kids since then and only the kids will decide in the future if it is okay to visit and support their biological father and Madonna here’s just helping raising the kids as her own. and she’s aware that she didn’t gave birth to them. we have to educate ourselves on issues like these because amalawife ndiye ndife otsaliradi Nchifukwanso dziko lathu lili losauka mpaka pano.

    • Inu a samson u dont know what u r talking madona akungothandiza ana omwe akuwapanga adopt apindula chani pa anawa? madona ndiwolemela kale hey wake up man dont b asleep if u helping other pipo with aim of kuzathandizidwaso nawe from omwe wawathandiza umenewo ndumbuli

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