K170, 000 thief gets 4 years


The First Grade Magistrate court in Nkhotakota has sentenced a 21 year-old man to 4 years imprisonment with hard labour for breaking into a house and stealing items worth K170,000.

Magistrate Fred Juma Chilowetsa meted out the penalty on Adin Chibisa on Tuesday after the court found him guilty of burglary and theft.

Court through public prosecutor Cedrick Cosmas of Nkhotakota police station heard that on January 28, 2017 the convict broke into the dwelling house of a resident of Mgombe village.

The convict went away with one laptop, one bag of fertiliser, two packets of Cremora and K25,000 cash. The value of the stolen items is K170, 000.

On February 8, police arrested the convict and recovered the laptop which was hidden on the roof of the convict’s house and he revealed that he committed the offence along with his friend Mussa Nkhoma who is currently at large.

At police he was charged with burglary and theft which contravenes section 309 (A) and 278 of the penal code respectively.

In mitigation, the convict asked the court to be lenient when passing the sentence claiming that he was a first offender and is looking after his granny.

However Chilowetsa said the offence he committed is serious in nature but he considered his mitigation factors and sentenced him to 4 years for house breaking and 1 year for theft to run concurrently.

Chibisa hails from Mgombe village in the area of senior chief Malengachanzi in Nkhotakota.

In a related development, the same court has jailed a 43 year-old man Rad Ishmael Kamala to 14 months imprisonment with hard labour for theft.

During the month of December 2016 Kamala stole four metal poles worth K26, 000 from Nkhotakota youth organisation in the district.

The convict hails from Kamange village Traditional Authority Makuta in Nkhotakota District.



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  4. (change) 170=4 Yrs Mmh! Wat About Those Who Stole Billions From Capital Hill ~ Are U going 2 Arrest Them Or Hang Dem On Trees Like Dogs >~ There is no Justice here in Malawi Shame

  5. Malawian laws are enforced on poor people only, the opposition party members and those without a name.When it comes to the ruling elite and friends,they can steal as much as they can.If exposed, a rubber stamp commission of inquiry,whose findings and recomendetions will not be used, is instituted just to make you and i forget. No wonder all the heads of law enforcing institutions in Malawi are appointed by the president so he/she can choose who to or not arresst,who to or not prosecute, which cases to prosecute or drop. Which prisoners to pardon or let languish in prisons.We, the poor people have to strictly abide by the law or risk turning prisons our home.

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