Mutharika shakes up Ministries: Botolo replaces Mangani as Secretary to the Treasury


President Peter Mutharika has changed some of the Principal Secretaries in government ministries and departments.

Mutharika has appointed Ben Botolo who was PS in the Office of Vice president as Secretary to the Treasury replacing Dr Ronald Mangani.

According to the statement that is available to Malawi24 the Director of Primary Schools Mr Msosa in Ministry of Education goes to Ministry of Lands.

” Dr Ken Ndala Director of Planning in Ministry of Education to replace Mr Msosa and Mr Stuart Ligomeka Comptroller of Statutory Corporations, Reads the statement.

According to the statement Mr Zangazanga Chikhosi has been posted to Office of President and Cabinet as Principal Secretary responsible for Cabinet to replace Mr Chinthu and Mr Chithu goes to the office of the Vice President to replace Mr Ben Botolo.

“Mrs Seodi White from Public Reforms Commission in the office of the Veep goes to Office of President and Cabinet as Chief Director Public Sector Reforms”

“Dr Dan Namalika is Secretary for Health while Dr Ben Chisamile is the new Chief Director Administration in Health and PS to Transport is Chinsinga ,” Adds the statement.

According to the statement Nwazi promoted to Commissioner and Secretary Disaster Preparedness, Relief and Rehabilitation.

“Mr Lucky Sikwese moves to Labour as PS replacing Sam Madula who goes to Home Affairs and Dr Essime Kainja has been appointed as Principal Secretary to Gender ,” Reads the statement.

The reshuffle sees Mr Tresphore Kang’ombe as PS to National Registration Bureau while Mr Kiswell Dakamau has been appointed as PS to Local Government.




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