MDF calls for applications from aspiring soldiers


Malawi Defence Force (MDF) has called for applications from Malawian youth who wish to become soldiers.

As it was disclosed by General Griffin Supuni Phiri about the recruitment for new soldiers during interreligious prayers at Kamuzu Barracks a week ago, MDF has announced that it shall conduct recruitment exercise for young men and women who wish to pursue a career in the force as soldiers.

According to the statement, the exercise shall be conducted in all districts and selected candidates shall undergo an intensive six month basic training at Malawi Armed Forces College (MAFCO) in Salima district.

The statement has further outlined some of the requirements for the applicants.

According to the statement, the applicants must be Malawians, single and without children.

“The applicants must be between 18-24 years of age, less than 165 cm tall for males and 158 cm tall for females,” reads the statement.

They must also have Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) but those with special skills will have added advantage.

The statement has stressed that the aspiring soldiers must be physically and mentally fit and should be ready to undergo intensive medical checkup.

Those who are willing to apply are directed to send their letters indicating their district of origin with copies of certificates to Cobbe Barracks for those in southern region, Kamuzu Barracks for those in central region and Moyale Barracks for those residing in the northern region of Malawi.

Malawi Defence Force has disclosed that the deadline for receiving the applications is on 15 March 2017.



  1. Wonderin Y W R Droppin Such Comments, May B We R Scared Of Our Govt, Or We R Failures! Ma Falla Yot Wake Up! U R Nt Failures Bt The Govt Z!

  2. Application
    I’m applying for a soldier as ajob I can run up to 300 km/h I do smoke 2kg of Indian hemp per day I’m 519cm tall and I’m not married with three wives and seven children

  3. Ana ama soldier akhala akusungidwa kwa nthawi yayitali m’makomo mwawo nde awatenga kale amenewo ndi azibale awo ambili nde winawe ngati ine tilibe munthu woti atiyimilile tiyeni tizingo khala basi siku ndili modzi zizayenda

  4. Zachamba atenga kale abale awo akumipanda ofoka aja amangokafaso kkkkk musakabwele kumudz kuno nkumakatikozetsa siwa yopanda ntembo,shame on u.

  5. Ife Tikhale Aumboni Chabe? Atengedwa Kale Achibale Awo, Pano Akupanga Practise Wez Wez Zokachita Pa Interview.Osazunza Athu Ndima Transport Mukudziwa Kut Mwalembana Kale

  6. What will be shall be’,whether the country is surrounded by the scourge of corruption,something amazing can happen gaez,let’s apply for the post.

  7. I hope there will be no corruption like 2011. Otherwise I would have been one of the soldiers in Malawi but I failed because I had no bribe. #Watching

  8. We can’t just accept anything yes yes bwana. If the government is struggling to pay teachers ( civil servant) where are they going to get the money to pay these new recruits. This shows that other departments are not important. So that means they will employ uneducated people. And the question is where are other soldiers gone. Why they don’t reach 50yrs. Kaya zanu izo. To those who don’t want to go to university there is a chance.

  9. Job creation. Bravo Malawi! If the chance is not urs don’t be stress. Just pray and thank God. He has a reason with u.May be ur friend who has made it 2day will be deployed to guard you and ur property one day. Let God alone to recruit.

  10. please stop recruting by asking for qualifications the best should be compasory or voluntelary coz this is not personal money its tax payers money and its the interest of the nation every male person its a must to be a soldier not onl officers children and relatives

  11. Ma Taifa Mulikuti Kodi? Taiyambiseni Mwina Ntchitoyi Tikanalembedwako Mwachilungamo Mwina Opanda Abalefe Nkutengedwa Malinga Ndizomwe Tilinazo Angakhale Matumba Athu Ndi Obooka.

  12. lets do lyk southafricans witht using school certificate bt only ID as a citizens kuthandiza ma youth kut asamangokhala mumakwalalamu kenaka kumasuta chamba n nyaupe

  13. When did soldiers start applying for death? Is the army going to apply to your mother when you die in Sudan? Stop the rubbish put them on a queue and select who you want

  14. Ine ndikukufunira za bwino zonse amene mungakasankhidwe popanda chinyengo, Ntchito ndinayamba kuifuna kuyambira ndili mwana,but now age is no longer in my side. At 30,only minimum chances to be recruited, I started chasing this Job since 2008 when I was at a tender age but nothing fruitile. Kukwera tata pachichiri Bhobho kenako ungowona anthu ena from nowhere brought their Expand(zikwama) full of clothes. Ine ndinangoti aaaah Nepotism,favouratism and corruption are at there best.Pano ndine Mlonda mdziko laweni . koma mwaiwo utapezeka ndingakhale osangalala.

  15. the world ov bribes, remember no recruntment ov soldiers in God’s kingdom, peace wll b zere 4 good no thieves, wars, hunger etc. b part ov this kingdom now

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  17. some minister lyk akwen they r busy shortlisted the names of their relatives who will be enter wthout doctor check up & interviewed

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  20. the army our discplined and a defender of democracy.sure.govt should buy our men and women in uniform helicopters and millitary jets but please we dont want marasmus and kwashiokor children of politicians,police and millitary officers being recruited.we dont want very slim powerless soldiers .we citizens want to see very energetic soldiers in uniform and govt should increase the salaries of our soldiers yoti azidya bwino pa den komanso azigulako ka brandy or kachibuku.all the best soldiers. proud of you

  21. Ndipita ine ndikakhale patsogolopo bola ganja man ndikhala soldier bac
    Chaka chake ndichino kma
    Am 40 ov age

  22. e.g za police anayitana anthu more than 15 thousand pple to attend interv but do know how many were taken?even some of their reletives were left

  23. kwa iwe ulibe mbale or ukhale ndi six points usadzivute khala pansi ndithu,,,ungadzalire kumapeto ,more than half atengedwa kale kenako katsalako ka anthu omwe alibiletu mbale

    • wa JCE ayi.upite ku traffic police akaikepo PG class kuti ikhale yaikulu certificate yakowo.ndiye kut ikhala pgjce ndiye kut ukafikira pa u captain ku mdf.

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