Fake doctor arrested


Police in Chikhwawa are keeping in custody a 46-year-old man for operating a clinic and practising medicine without a license.

The suspect, John Mathews, was arrested on 8th February this year on suspicion that he was operating a clinic in the area of Beleu without a license.

Confirming to Malawi24, Chikhwawa Police spokesperson sergeant Andrew Mayawo said the arrest followed a joint operation by officers from ministry of health and the Police.

“During the operation, Mathews was found with prescription medicine, hospital equipment and test kits. He was charged with five counts namely; operating a private clinic without licence, practicing as a medical doctor without being registered, practicing as a dentist without being registered, being found in possession of property suspected to have been stolen and reckless and negligence which are crimes under Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Act,” said Mayawo.

He added that the operation was aimed at dealing with people who sell drugs and operate clinics without licences.

The fake doctor’s trial at Chikhwawa magistrate court is expected to commence on Friday, 17 February.

Mathews comes from Beleu village traditional authority (TA) Maseya in the district of Chikhwawa.



  1. he operated a clinic and practiced medicine? all by himself? that’s gangsta!! that is not a fake doctor, he simply has no license. He probably has his own private mortuary. maybe he has his own underground laboratory where he conducts some experiments……………he probably never went to college at all, just dug up some medical encyclopedia…….

  2. Hw fake is the doctor? alicense is not aprofessional qualification but authority if the doctor is aqualified one,isee no harm he is better than people who are stealing money in our country and let innocent lives die in our hosptals due lack of drugs,machines just because they have wings to fly abroad and seek good medical services

  3. Change this rule medical council our toothless bull dog regulator please analyse more to this the district council knows they issued business licence alipo wayambana naye

  4. Moti mbuli zikungoba ndikuotcha ma office abomawa zili ndi ma licence koma?? ndichifukwa chache sakumangidwa? koma dziko limadana ndi chilungamo ndithu.

  5. kkkkk ntchito zikusowa kumalawi,he is having some exprirnce kust intstruct him to have proper documents,zipatala zaboma mankhwala kumakhala kulibe komaso kunyada kwa ma doctor,,,,,,,,I support him 120 % ndipo sindikubwelera mbuyo kotenga mankhwala does not matter provided he is serving the public……if anything he must just be advised to have a registered doctor basi not kutseka kachipatalako,,,,,,,, you behave dogs in public hospitals zoona zake.Palibe umunthu umakhala ngati ukapempha not that its our own taxes…..mtayeni ameneyoo!

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