ATI shows APM is delivering on campaign promises – Analyst

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika’s signing of the long awaited Access to Information (ATI) Bill into law shows that his government is committed to its campaign promises, a political analyst has said.

The Access to Information Bill had been shunned by previous governments but the Mutharika administration tabled it in Parliament where it was passed before being assented to by the president.

Speaking to Malawi24, one of the political scientists in the country Wonderful Mkhutche from Chancellor College said Mutharika has lived up to his campaign promise.

Wonderful Mkhutche
Wonderful Mkhutche: APM is delivering on his promises.

“It is good that the president has lived up to his campaign promise to have the bill signed and the bill is important for democracy as it will enable   the availability of information to all who need it,” said Mkhutche.

According to Mkhutche, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is committed   to its campaign promises.

“The signing of the ATI bill shows how committed the party is to its campaign promises and come 2019, the party will be referring to this move as one of the promises fulfilled,” he said.

Mkhutche said the party has shown a good political character and should it remain true to its other promises, can be assured of a renewed mandate to be in power in the next general elections.

To all Malawians, said Mkhutche, the new law means that the system has opened up and has taken a step further to citizens’ march towards consolidation.

Mkhutche advised Malawians to use the law to their advantage and use all its benefits rightly.

Meanwhile, Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) has commended Mutharika for signing into law the Access to Information Bill.




  1. Nde inuyo amalawi 24 ngati mwakhutitsidwa zoti ma empty promises a2014 akutheka report la ulendo omwe APM adapita ku USA mulinalo “how many went there, how much did they spend????????

  2. Dont fool us. Remember,APM said that malawi president has more power which need to be reduced if he ascend to be a president. He said this during one of the presidential debates b4 2014 elections. Now, he is a leader BUT can you see how his regime blocks this in parliament?

    For your seek, this bill passed in parliament not bcz of APM’s party but the opposition and some independents. DPP tried to stop it but in vain. The former minister of info booted for this.Dont cheat the nation here

  3. pa nyasa land ma father christmas achuluka mwanva inu!!!?iiii ai zina kambu zina leku malawi ngati umapephera pang’ono ichi chobechera chipepherere iiii

  4. Stupid analylist, have u been following the events, as regards the conduct of the president and the dpp mps before and after the passing of bill? Land bills were rushed, tabled, passed and signed in a few weeks. Civic education mainly for our useless chiefs, followed later. But the ATI bill was passed in dec and has just been gathering dust up to now. He has signed it because there was no any other option after the oppositon-dominated parliament passed it. Then this useless analylist calls this living up to campain promises. What a useless university don!

    1. u r the 1 hu z stupid(u used ths word) coz he did nt state the tym wen he wl sign it. all he said woz he wl sign it and thats wat he has jst done. wats ur problem mtumbuka iwe?.

    2. Mind gyz the Tumbukas’ plp alwayz against mr plzdent in gd things or disapointing things instead of giving support alwayz demolising eeeeish i understand know to be Tumbuka is disease, it need to have much dark sikin and dark heart and dark ideas.

    3. I am not aTumbuku but surely this countriy without these Tumbukas, anthu andale akanatidyera masuku pamutu. Vuto laife timangosapota chimunthu poti ndi chakwanthu. Ngakhale chidzete chenchen

    4. I am not aTumbuku but surely this countriy without these Tumbukas, anthu andale akanatidyera masuku pamutu. Vuto laife timangosapota chimunthu poti ndi chakwanthu. Ngakhale chidzete chenchen

    5. petros, ur problem iz u dnt differenciate btwn good and bad. wen smthng good hapenz, learn to appreciate, wen smthng bad hapenz, u can accuse. thoz hu dnt appreciate evn on good thng r evil ppo coz sanje iz wat meks them nt to realise that, wat has jst happened its a good thng. to ur side, is there anythng wrong with the signing of the bill? osatengera nkhani zina.

  5. he is thinking that signing that paper it is going to help him and his corrupt Dpp to take government 2019 , your fooling yourselves

    1. better him he has appreciated 4 that good thing unlike u hu did nt want him to sign coz if u wanted him to sign, u wudnt be saying that. then hu is stupid? U!!!

  6. you dont knw APM, it has taken him time to sign that bill,,what d u think might be the reason? he is just fooling u this is malawi where we can choose t break the laws made by ourselvs,,Lets wait 4 the journalits amenyedwe ndima ma cadets,,,,that guy is a snake

    1. If dpp mps tried to block it in parliament, then we have to say APM was on the other side? Zachita kuvuta izi. Yet this bill has been signed after its due date.

    2. u leticia, u mean jst bcoz u thnk there some reasons behind the signing, bcoz u r wating 4 journalist to be beaten up that y u r accusing it? to hell with ur thnking ideas. we dnt judge some1 jst bcoz of meditating we judge on facts. if u knw hm so wel, wats his blood type?. i knw u wl start wth i thnk is …………..

    3. u pure u jst think on the surface u ddnt exactly get the meaning behind my comment,,,anyawe whatevr hs bn commented non wil apply t dat

  7. Kkkkkkkkk, for how long has he be at the helm? This is just damage control after the maizegate. Mkhutche your brain is empty. Go beyond the signing of the bill. Your understanding of issues is limited. I can’t thank him for a job he was supposed to do immediately he took office.

  8. Do what Malawians are expecting you to do to Dr George Chimanga Chaponda,am sure if you fire him your battered image will slightly be good Mr Peter Muthalika.Most Malawians thinks you are an accomplice to these corruption activities becoz you are taking no action.Wake up from your slumber Pitala,otherwise you will regret it in 2019.

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