M24 Exclusive: DPP top dogs angry at Chilima, suspect him of being behind Ministry of Agriculture fire

Saulos Chilima, Peter Mutharika

Malawi24 has been reliably informed that a number of top dogs in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are angry with the country’s Vice President Saulos Chilima and have threatened to bring his political career to an end.

George Chaponda
George Chaponda’s caught fire.

According to the information that we have sourced, some top officials of the party met in Lilongwe where they agreed to deal with Chilima politically.

The information indicates that the officials have been angered by the conduct of Chilima towards the party officials whom he deem to be in line for the succession of the Presidency.

A source that spoke with Malawi24 on the condition of anonymity disclosed that some top officials of the party feel that Chilima is leading a campaign against minister of agriculture, George Chaponda.

According to the source, the officials feel that Chilima wants to tarnish the reputation of Chaponda as he (Chaponda) has been alleged to be Peter Mutharika’s favourite for his successor.

Our source privy to the meetings of the top officials said that the heat of the moment came with the fire that gutted the ministry of agriculture offices on Tuesday, 14 February 2017.

According to the source, the ruling officials feel that the fire was unnatural and it was not started by Chaponda as most people appear to think.

“We don’t think that the fire was a result of a common electrical fault, it was deliberate,” said the source indicating that it was a shared opinion of  the party stalwarts that include Regional Governor for the South, Charles Mchacha, who has been attending the meetings but was not in attendance at the last meeting.

According to the source, the officials have knowledge that some person inside the party is not happy with Chaponda and he is the one who is responsible for the fire.

Saulos Chilima, Peter Mutharika
Saulos Chilima (L) being hunted?
File with President Peter Mutharika. (R).

“Dr. Chaponda knows that the ministry of agriculture is in controversy, why would he drag his name further in the mud by starting a fire?” the source queried. “It is someone who is not happy with the choice of Dr. Chaponda who has been orchestrating all these unfortunate events against Dr. Chaponda. Is it not surprising that at once Dr. Chaponda has been under fire. Someone wants to end his political career because he is the President’s favourite.”

Asked if the somebody whom they were referring to was from the Northern region as Chaponda had indicated that he was being attacked by Northerners, the source laughed off the claims and said that only someone who harbors ambitions of being a President would be responsible.

When it was put to him if he was referring to the Vice President, the source said it was ‘good that you journalists know the person responsible’.

Malawi24 has further established that the relationship between Chilima and Chaponda was sour as they both did not trust each other.

Our source further said that Chilima has recruited journalists and CSOs to demonise Chaponda.

A Political analyst Felix Unyolo doubted the claims made by the ruling party but said in politics everything can be possible.

“I really doubt that but it is politics,” he said.



  1. I say! This hombre Chaponda is sly ka! The fire at the food ministry could not possibly have been started by citizens not happy with maizegate but by people bent on destroying whatever evidence there was incriminating Chaponda cartel. Fufuzani bwino musadabwe ai.

  2. am not saying anthuwa akukhozo no but in life mukapeza mpata use it zamawa siziziwika. malawi pano anafika poti anthu akhoza kumuba or bwana wawa si andale okha ayi.du u no makampani azathu amwenye omwe anasala pangono kusekedwa chifukwa chobelana okhaokha? ndiye chaponda ndindani.alipo amafuna ana ake azafe ndi umphawi? samalani poweluza. muli kale ndi ma gud examplz big man BINGU anayambaso nkuwapusisa anthu bwanji momwe anabela? amayi ndiye mukuziwa mpaka kuthawa. so awaso abaso. chilima wanuyo akupanga pusi pusi muzakhumudwa zake zikayamba kumveka

  3. am not saying anthuwa akukhozo no but in life mukapeza mpata use it zamawa siziziwika. malawi pano anafika poti anthu akhoza kumuba or bwana wawa si andale okha ayi.du u no makampani azathu amwenye omwe anasala pangono kusekedwa chifukwa chobelana okhaokha? ndiye chaponda ndindani.alipo amafuna ana ake azafe ndi umphawi? samalani poweluza. muli kale ndi ma gud examplz big man BINGU anayambaso nkuwapusisa anthu bwanji momwe anabela? amayi ndiye mukuziwa mpaka kuthawa. so awaso abaso. chilima wanuyo akupanga pusi pusi muzakhumudwa zake zikayamba kumveka

  4. even inu mumabaso only that simupeza mpata waukulu like the chapondazi. u only have chance for 10lts of petro that show kuti if u have a chance for big things mubaso

  5. IIiiii momwe zasowela ndalamamu or ine ndikanaba. tizichedwa kupanga za anthu oti iwo zawo zikutheka. ine i have never in my life c wandale wabwino chifukwa even chilimayo angozipasaso ma contract yekha ochuluka. pano mufase muyangane u will find out kuti paliponse ndi masters. so plz ZIWANI MULUNGU ndiye kothawila not anthuwa.

  6. Chaponda is a towering giant. He is the main target of all these cooked lies against ADMARC. You see now they have started using black magic to smash him. Tisamve zoti nyumba yake yapsya mwamva athakati inu! Mukumuopa chaponda hence all manipulations in his fake stories generated by Times Group- the fake story masters. Takangolipirani Mk2b ku MRA. It’s amazing how his ministry performed to make sure that no one died of hunger ndiye kamwa zina zomwe zi kanaduwa ndiizi zikubwebwetazi- Mbuzi. We want deveopment not this trash. I don’t buy PAC’s inquiry findings because it is an interested party and its majolity is from the opposition. I do believe the com of inquiry set by APM wanted to appease these mad dogs, lovers of no flag. 2019 mudzagwidwa tsemwe DPP itamenyanso and mudzayamba kumnamidzira Chilima.

  7. To be honest the ministries of Agriculture and disaster preparedness are the best performed in 2016/17, no wonder too much jeolousy from the opposition. They are now employing another arsenal in order to bring devision in DPP camp, but Chilima is a cool guy. We know some of you are cheering Chilima with hidden ajenda, but you will never change his character. In the past mere heavy rains even good rains could lead to people fighting for food with wild birds, some dying fue to poisonous tubers very similar to sweet potatoes and others could sleep on green vegetable only without cerials. To me all these stories are out of jelous because Chaponda and Chilima have outsmarted them.

  8. moto anabusa ndi masatanic a PP and Kongilesi ncholinga choti chaponda awoneke ngati anachitadi corruption ndiye akufuna awononge the necessary documents. Koma Chapondayu a opposition akumvetsani kuwawa. Nkhani yonseyi target wanu is Chaponda. Mukuona ngati President amngofikira reaction before consultations. Dekhani ndipo mudzakhumudwa chipako chitakunyererani mbalame inu. Without this Chaponda winawe chokhala ngati mbatata bwenzi chitakuthimba pa khosi. Chaponda ndinu a mjiba! a Times Group kodi mwakabweza ngongole ya Mk2b ku MRA kuja?

  9. This Chaponda guy needs to be applauded for the work well done rather than bringing in confusion out of jealous. Had it not for DPP and this guy some of you who are shouting hullaballoo would have been dead of hunger or admitted to hospital nursing one or two relatives crushed with malnutrition or malnutrition related diseases. May be you are forgetting that we were pending severe hunger due to heavy floods in 2015 and a year later we had severe drought that scotched to dryness our staple. Is there anyone who has died because of eating zokhala ngati mbatata or ate deya wa mpunga ophatikiza ndi utuchi? Penapake tikamakhuta timaonjeza may be mkhuto umatigiligisha makamaka atolakhani aku north; they are trash and love hatred. Great Bingu was betrayed by the tongues and hands he saved from AIDS related deaths and the jaws of hunger when he introduced free anti-retroviral and FISP mukumva mbuzi za atolankhani inu za ku Bwengu? Akanawina masiteni anuwo or laza we would’ve eaten mpunga wa mbalame, using zero aid as a scape goat. These guys are trying their best to make development and malnutrition free country on zero aid, but their efforts seem to be falling on unpatriotic people. What a coincidence, the parliamentary accounts committee findings are very much the same as those released by the commission of inquiry. Still the findings beg a lot of questions: Of all the transactions done in heist when the country faced with an emergency since 1964, is this the only one that by- passed certain levels? Are these findings the ones that made headlines in Times, the Nation and Nyasa times? If the answer is no for the former, why not investigate too the past mistakes. We are demanding answers on this one. If there is the ministry that has performed wonders is the ministry of agriculture in making sure that maize was procured in time and no one died of hunger and no 50 kg bag of maize has gone beyond k12 500. Have you forgotten in 2012/13 while our kwacha was selling k250 against a dollar, JB ordered a bag of maize to be selling at k17000? What about now- how much would it have selling had it been that she won? These guys are very organized, setting the price at k12500 no vendor dared to go above them hence lot of maize in ADMARC and our Grain reserves. Osamangothamangira ku ombera mmanja anthu oduka mitu musanaunike panokha mmene zinthu zikuyendera angakakugwetsereni ku mphompho.

  10. A short of electricity can not be caused by chilima. Ngati mkufuna kumuipisa dzina ndiye mwachedwa we him and we will vote for him 2019. Chilima woyeeeeeee

  11. kkkkkk u gain nothing by the end of the day but uli busy kufalitsa ma speculations osadziwika komwe watenga kkkkkk koma malawi sazathekaso bax

  12. Zivute zitani ife a Malawi tili pambuyo pa Chilima ,tidzafa eeeh tidzafa eeeee tidzafa naye tili pambuyo pa Chilima,yamkwana nguwo mulekeni avale Chilima come 2019 vuuuuuu ung’onoung’ono patsogolo

  13. Trying to tarnishing and smear stinking stories on Chilima won’t help at all, he is one but loved most so leave him alone if you intend to refrain from puting this guy farther more high on the map

  14. They still our taxes, damage our property, then renovate the buildings with our taxes, indeed these people have nothing to loose!!

  15. aaaaa zachamba eti nkhani ikhale ya chimanga .mukulankula poti mwakhuta eti.zitsilunose . amene akambeso yachimangayi ndimulodza basi.

  16. Whats rong to DR Chilima?ndani sakudziwa za umbava wanuwo komatu nthawi ilinkudza mudzaweruzidwa nonse & boma lakuba moonetsera ngati ili sindidalionepo pa Malawi pano chita naloni dziko la amai wanuli.

  17. Malayi Muyo, you have an empty skull. You don’t even know what you are talking about. Just keep quiet and listen to the brains making their credible comments. Idiot, mother fucker.

  18. Kodi amalawi ntchito yomwe tinapeza ndiyonyoza ndikutukwana anthu andare bas nanga Kod from 2016 to 2017 ndi manyumba angat kumalawiko omwe apsya nanga zonse zomwe zapsyazo akumaotcha ndi achaponda omwewo kapena ndiboma lomwelo tikunyoza Kumar chinkhalamba Kod momwe timavotela nkhalambamo inuyo anyamata odziwa kuyendetsa bwino dzikonu munalikut achilima ndi Vic presedent and ndi apresdent ndiamodzi anthuwo kotelo kut osewa akupanga Dpp ndiye enafe tikuzitengela Pam,gong,’o chot mudziwe udindo ndimphaso yochokela kwamulungu kunali achakuamba atembo ampinganjila akamulepo akanyama chiume achihana awolad musa aleki banda ndiena ambili oti inuyo mukuwadzi osewa sanakhale paupresdent tineneku sanali sirious komulingu sanalole koma munthu mukumutukwanayu kunalibe kumalawiko munayenda kukhomelela kuti siwakuno koma mulungu akat yes ndan angt no lolan mungu akhele mulungu mukut afaso ngat anafela m,nkuluwake uja odala ndinuyo otsalanu pakut mudzaona imfa ya anthuose inu amuyaya

  19. Hhhhmmm that’s rubbishish analysis. Was Chilima the one who told Chaponda to deal illegally and absurdity with the Kaloswe’s and ZFC’s.It’s just them who want to deal with him for fear of the replica of Bingu and Joice. Let’s wait and C

  20. Munthu ukakhala kuti ndiwe wakuba ndiye olo kuti sunabe ndiwe koma anthu amakuganizila kuti waba ndiwe guyz kuyambila Bingu chilima chaponda ndimbava akuziwana guyz musayiwale kubela mavoti dolo wawo anali chilimayo ndiye olo Bingu akuziwa kuti DPP yonse mbava yayikulu ndi chilima usi sumafuka popanda moto guyz

  21. koma mukakhala phe kuitratira nkhaniyi ndiyoti zonsezi zikuchitikazi a boma akhake tcheru kwambiri chfukwa a mabugwe pamodzi ndi a oposition akukozekera chinthu china chake chemwe apange akakwaniritsa kumuchotsa chaponda, moti boma likhale maso kwambiri. tagoganizani kuti pa udindo omwewu chaka chatha panali munthu wina yemwe analephera monga muja munkaonera anthu ankagona ku adimaki. koma chakachino munthuyu anayesetsa njira iliyose kutolera zakudya. koma zovetsa chisoni munthu kumunyoza chonchi ngati waphamunthu. koma nthawi zina mulungu amatha kutembenuza zinthu dzenje lomwe akumukumbira chaponda ena atha kugweramo okha .Ena amatha kuchita comment mchigulu gulu .Wena pankhani iyi akufuna kutchukirapo pa ndale .Kumbukirani mbuyomo panali wena anafuna ku tchuka m,pariament kumapeleka k1 ku baghet ya MBC koma pano ali kuti.koma izizi ndi zomwe zikupangitsa kuti anthu azingosaukirabe chifukwa boma limachita lost direction chifujwa mungokhalira kukanganatnalo , pamene aphunguwo azirandirabe ma alowance awo

  22. musamupake chilima bibi yanuyo .mmesa inuyo a dpp mumanena kuti,there was nothing wrong in the procurement of maize from zambia .now u are trying to implicate chilima (shame ) .2019 chilima will bè the president of malawi,throuugh a new party to bè formed very shortly .

  23. boza ili mwatopa nkulemba za Chaponda mwati muyambepo kumupaka chilima. tatopa nazo nkhani zaboza ife lembani nkhani zoti zitukule zikoli asamakhalila kuwayambanisa anthu

  24. “To bring his political career to an end” that’s NOSENSE, in his life he have never made bad decision, u DPP gurus do u remember that. We are watching u. This generation that kind of politics it can’t work. Just fire him NOW then we can come out with our logo

  25. My Bishop was preaching about such kind of spirit which is demostrated here,,witchcraft spirit,with witchcraft spirit we cant develop

  26. Inu,inu a M24,mukufuna amalawi atani poponya bodza lamkunkuniza ngati limeneli?ndinudi eni eni a M24 inu?

  27. Mmmmm,nde kuzingwansotu uku.Style ya motoyi siyabwino.Pezani ina.Moto womwewutu mukaupeza ku jahena…Panopa zibisalani,Yahwe,akukuonani.Akadzambatuka mulira naye.Akuluakulu a DPP samva bwino akamuona Chilima ndi presdent.Mavoti enatu adabwera ndiiyeyu.Chakamchaka tizingomva zodana ndi VP?Tamakulani.

  28. Eeeeeeeh M24 Mukuyiputayo ndinkhondo and ngati mwatenga nkhaniyi kwa anthu aDPP eni eni muwawuze kuti 2019 tidzavotera Saulosi osati Peter kkkkk

  29. The news is utterly fictitious, baseless in its entirerity and lacks professionalism. it is a pity that malawi24 jounalists are abusing their platform to scam and fool the general public by advancing their cooked up stories which are meant for their training lessons for pple to be wasting their precious time pouring in their well put comments. Nex time malawians will be tired of you bad pple, the general public is not a training ground.

  30. Kkkkk pamudzi;mfumu ikamwalira pamakhalabe mphekesela “zikuonetsa kt achita kuwalodza chifukwa akufuna ufumu” pamene sichoncho. Y us black pipo wen something bad happens to ourside ;we always involve others instead of jst ecepting it.


  32. Amalawi azanga chonde musana coment muziyaba manganizila kut nkhani yalembedwa kuti? Oziwa #Mw24 sapupuluma ndiku comenter. Mawamawali mwavatsa.

  33. Tikudikira kuti a DPP amuchotsa liti Chilima , mavoti onse aku Ntcheu kuphatikiza mipando isanu ndi iwiri ya aphungu aku nyumba ya malamulo izalowera ku chigawo cha pakati komwe ndi kwao kwa Congress . Ndale za matipate ndi za mtundu ndi zigawo.

  34. Dpp top dogs indeed. Chilima is wise, intelligent and honest unlike these top dogs. The dogs should stop blaming others for their own failure. Pitala and his number one armyworm must be booted out of the government system. Why burning the office? Mtima ngati kanyimbi oti kulowa kuuna mbewa zonse mayomayo.

  35. Put Chirima out of this shit,,why cant u just hit the nail on the head?,,,the suspect behind the fire is the same Chaponda,,therefore go straight to his arrest,,Otherwise “Tikumatchani inu a Dpp”

  36. Nkhalamba zopanda nzeru ufiti basi, structure mwaotcha IJA mzanu kamuzu anayikilapo nzeru . inu chifukwa chawumbava ndi kuyipa mtima mwayiwononga mopanda olo kaso. Anthu oyipitsitsa ngat inu sindinawone

  37. President knows de truth. Chifukwa chiyani akuuma mtima Ku chotsa Chaponda . Akuopa chani Nduna yoti wasakha yokha. Ndiko kuti amasakha mbala eti ?.

  38. chaponda ama kazinga chimangaa thats the source of the fire … not ur 5pages lie… go back 2 xull and learn how politics is done…….

  39. If you put in Chilima you find that the equation doesn’t balance but if substituted with apm it balances very well. Due to mistrust, Trump asked for Flynn’s resignation yesterday and the guy has left. Compare this with apm’s admin. za mphwiiiiii basi and they want kumpaka Chilima.

  40. The whole story its just a refrection.. The point here is introducing Mr Chilima to the hearts of Malawians , the moment they talk bare lies of him we all knows an innocent man and we will be on his back hence increasing the love we have for him at the same time they are like DPP top dogs are the ones doing this so we should develop ground roots of hating DPP as a party at the end Mr Chilima stands alone with a party he will have the crowd on his back.. hahaha Mr chilima woye 2019 …amene sazamuvotela mndani??? you diversing fake news..

  41. Who will respoble for rehaabilitatr the building which you set fire you treat us poor people s tax and you know the truth .DPP you know whou build that office you damage alot of buildings coz of your brutally and old type of politics watch the political of RSA its real drmoctacy osati zanu zokubazo kumangopakana kodi who is Chaaponda at all mene maofesi amenr awotchawo amamangidwa anali kuti ngaatu amalawi timaonekako ndi ma office amenewo mind you all DPP GPD WILL JUDGE YOU AND ALSO IS WATCHONG YOU ONE DAY IS ONE DAY WHERE IS YOUR FOUNDER OK

  42. The story is a total lie. Tingoona kutaya nthawi kumapereka maganizo athu. Moti Author wa nkhaniyi akutinjoya kwabasi. Akungoseka komwe aliko.

    1. you r vry right the whole story is a bunch of lies. and its a pity that malawi24 jounalists are using their platform to advance their fictious stories for pple to comment. i dont know what malawi24 benefit at the end of the day.

  43. Asamunamizire chilima ndiumbava waowo.asamuipisire ambiri .osaphimba anthu mmaso mbava a Malawi akuzidziwa leave chilima alone please.mbava yachimangayo paja ndi yomwe imafunitsitsa udindo wake

  44. I have never seen a president working together in Malawi with VP never, akufuna apeze means yoti amupange sidelined inoder for these so called DPP owners to grab this position nanga si paja VP is from central (ntheu) not from the south akukana kupititsa mpando kwina, zanu izo ine bola ndikudya bwino kuno Kwa eni RSA Capetown tsoka azibale ku malawiko

  45. Mwadya manyi amakoswe eti. Leave chilima alone, you zinjanthropus why are you diverting the truth? You cowards do you think you can fool us?? We all know what is behind all these acts. Idiot leaders mxewwww

  46. Let us play for Malawi to be the truth, especially leaders of our country

  47. Let us play for Malawi to be the truth, especially leaders

  48. Dont mess an innocent man, dont cover him up, the chimpazee himself knows well of the prob. Zikumatipwetekatu, coz we poor Malawians we are voiceless

  49. that’s being smart to make the matter worsen…trying to confuse pple…. we know who is behind this..don’t make the matter too complicated fools

  50. suspecting chilima in this deal is just like missing the point or u are going by this adage, which in chichewa says & i quote “mphaka akakhala pankhate salasika “

  51. Light and darkness shall never be friends no matter what.
    Its hard for a person who is not a thief to work together with thieves.

  52. Hahahaha ukundiye kulephela mukufuna kulimbana ndi munthu wa Duuuu osalakwa chifukwa choti samakuyakhani ndiye mwamuyesa opusa ofunika anthu enanu azikuyaluysani kuti midzowe kuti oye siwamasewela tionana 2019 ndi Boma limenelo kuti muwine mmesa ndi chifukwa cha emweyo mwaiwala

  53. idont see any mistake ndi chilima ndi munthu woti amamvera chisoni anthu ake muone amafloods mmene awathandizira God bless mr chilima

  54. kulibe president amene adzatenga boma ndikulongolora,akakhala kamuzu tinachita kumenya nkhondo mkuthamagotsa azungu,amuluzi anatenga kudzela mmavote mkugwetsa chagada kamuzu,abigu mkutembenuza chagada bakili mmavote,kenaka mmalo mwa ifa ya mikhatheya abingu,ena anadzalindako nsiwa kwa timasabata tiwili,kenaka anyesetsa kuti alumphelumphe iyeso anagwa gangalara uko poti amati chamwini,mchamwini salimbira,eni zida adatenga,ndiye kwanose amene mukufuna kwaeni zida mulimbe poti zingavute maka timakhala ndi nkhondo ya mavote pa zaka 5zilizose ukaluza umakhalira thabwa kwa zilumika 5 pomaliza ndingoti napepe paja amati olola msantape mkwama,inepyanga pheeeeeee,,,,

    1. amwene,inu tsogolani ndi zanu za zeluzo,ine ndizichedwa ndizanga zopada zeluzi,panga zako ufulu ndiwanga,zikakhala za uyufi anapita nazo adafa aja,ok.,,,,!!!,,,100%.

    2. sikuiwala amwene,mwina mwaiwala ndinu,inu sikumbukila kuti bakili adachita kunenetsa kuti kulibe munthu woti angakhale president kuchipanikwake chifukwa kunali madeya okhaokha,ndiye ukuti chiyani,vuto losazitsata ndilimeneli ndiye ukati anamutsatsa ngati bakha ukutanthauzanjo?”,mwaiwala,paja amati malonda ndi mmaso amwene,bakili ndiakutundu posankha zabwino,asaa,moto kuti buuuuuu!!!!,kkkkk,,,

  55. DPP mukuyalukatu! Maboza bwanji? Leave Chilima alone!! You are Stupid. Mbava inu zolephera kuyendesa dziko! Mesa mmati ndi ngozi? Ngati singozi, takuuzani kale kuti ndi Nyani Chaponda waocha Office yathu. Nonse ndinu zitsiru. Mmati muli pa nkhondo ndi Northern Region, pano mukutiso Chani Agalu inu Zigandanga za dpp! Foolish Zanu nonse

    1. No man our minds r not bent over one side as this page,we like the truth I don’t love DPP either BT why shud someone say lies on point that u hate him or them

  56. Mulizo wa agalu ndiumodzi, unayamwira kalidwe lamalemu lomalimbana ndi vice wake chifukwa cholepela, ayi zikomo

  57. Kodi inu Sumadziwa kuti andichitsiru ameneyo muntharika pa nyapake galu wa munthu ameneyu afaso ngati kuluwake uja

  58. Waocha yekha ameneyo, asalimbane ndi mwanayo amusiye limenelo ndiye tsogolo la malawi. Chilima can become a better succesor than chinkhalamba chakubacho

    1. Munthu anaiwala kuzima mbaula yomwe amakazingapo chimanga chokuba pano nkumupaka humble n innocent father. Mulungu akukhuzeni.

  59. Hide and seek game. Chilima scrape goat being used to clean their sins. Pliz DPP swallow your pride and do the right thing. Even std 1 pupil will tell u that DPP is a corrupt party

    1. Anthutu sadziwa timanyoza ndife eni akewo amadziwana mudzawone mpira womweu ma player amacheza koma apeze masapota iiiiiiiiiiii kulasana mipeni

  60. zinazi mukamalemba muzikhala ngati mumadya nsima a vic president chikuwankhudza ndi chiyani,zikugwiliza,ma coment anu opanda zeluwa,,,,,,

  61. A chilima kufatsa kwambiri choti azidziwa ndichoti kuti achoke mu DPP lero sikuti uvice President ungathe nde kaya akuchedwa pati kaya?

  62. Achilima tsogolo lanu mundale sindikuliona bwino pliz pangan zoti zikuthandizemi nthawi ndiyomweyi muphuliretu musanyengerere mukamatuluka zanu zitayenda apo bi zizakubutan

    1. koma kukamba moona peter ni chaponda adapangila limodzi chinyengo akudziwana komanso apanga zambiri sizokhazo ayi peter akumuika kumbuyo chifukwa chaponda akhoza kuulura zonse zomwe wapanga peter koma or mutatani palibe chobisika dziko lapansi

  63. Iyayi bambo Chaponda tulani unduna apatseni mpata ENA ayendetseko dziko! Mkwiyo wanu uwononga mbiri yadziko! Even panopa mtendere mulibe kumene muliko! Ganizani bwino God amatsitsa odzikweza! Zikomo kumpando

  64. Mmmmmm bodza ilo. Chilima is not involved in maize scam, he is not the one who revealed the scam, and lastly he is not one who instituted commission of enquiry. Chaponda knows it all.

  65. Dout!!!!!! Chilima is clean. He dosen’ t bow down for favour from Idols or a Human being. He always ask favour from God. Check his dressing if you will one day see him dressing anything with a face of Peter or Bingu??? Chilima hold tight onto the truth and the truth shall set you freee!!!!!!! And you will not be conquered.

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