Veep, wife’s photos go viral on social media

Mary Chilima
Saulosi Chilima
Saulosi Chilima comforts two children.

Photos of Vice President Saulos Chilima and Second Lady Mary Chilima interacting with flood victims in Lilongwe have gone viral on social media.

The photos that are showing Malawi veep Chilima with two young boys and his wife Mary carrying a baby have been hailed by many including Balaka Parliamentarian Lucius Banda.

Writing on his Facebook page Banda hoped that the vice president would someday become president.

“I have a feeling, that someday soon! This country shall have no boss but a father, no first lady but a mother, It shall have no president but a leader, I have a feeling that we shall go back into a competition of good humanity for there will be a medal for patriotism when evil shall be shameful and good shall be praised l have a feeling today,” wrote Banda.

Malawi veep with his wife cheered flood victims in Lilongwe on Friday where they donated various items to the people.

During the visit, Chilima assured the victims that Malawi government will make sure that they are helped accordingly.

Recently Lilongwe Mayor Desmond Bikoko called upon several stakeholders to donate to the flood victims.



  1. Musasokoneze anthu abale.Chilima is v.p.His duties are directed by the president. While he was out there,his boss,APM was on other business. Musalowesepo ndale.

  2. viral

    of the nature of, caused by, or relating to a virus or viruses.
    (of an image, video, piece of information, etc.) circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another.
    “a viral ad campaign”

  3. Let me define Viral : relating to or involving an image, video, piece of information, etc., that is circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another………..Zikuonesa kuti ambiri simudziwa what Viral means!!!

  4. Ife tinanena kale kuti Chilima nde munthu,osati zinazi ayi,Chilima olo thobwa akulidziwa,mavuto aku Malawi akuwadziwa… Aaaaaa.. funsani uyoyo mumve mavuto akwadziwa iye ndi aku California..

  5. Eishhh.. Malawi24 tamalembani zokonda dziko lanu plizzzzz.. headline mukanaika yoti athandiza ma flood victim. Mumayesetsa kusakasaka mistake yoti mulembe pachilichonse angakhale chabwino.

  6. The word has been used correctly here. Musatichitise manyazi anthu inu. Because the word “viral” is always attached to pornos that you always circulate then your minds have become filthy with the word, shame.

  7. Are those photos good or bad? you would rather come up with another headline than this that doesn’t give a real sense of what wrong with the photos?

    1. Kkkkkk, what’s wrong with you Anord? The English language is beautiful with lots of words for literally everything. The word “viral” has been correctly used. The internet should be used to circulate real information. But because you use it wrongly to transmit porno and other obscene commenting with the word “viral” then your brain translate the word as thus, shame.

  8. Hahaha koma a Malawi Mmm. It’s my prayer God to give him the same heart of helping poor people. Mr vice president I pray to God to increase more, and to bless you. May almighty God use you to help the needy in the country. God bless you Mr vice president.

    1. Tell Him Man, He Is Insulting The Presint But Yesterday The President Himself Together With His Vice Was In Salima To Vist Flood Victms And They Gave Them Several Items Such As Matresses Buckets, Maize Just Mentioning Afew, Is This President Bad? Learn To Appreciate When Someone Does Agood Job.

  9. I wish this guy to be a President too as Hon Lucius Banda said, I am always praying for him to rule this country ( Malawi) God hear our prayer

  10. Oh my God!!! To God be the groly!!! No matter how hard you can block Chilima, God is already promoting Chilima to become Malawi President. tears in my eyes!!!!!! he deserve it LORD!!!!!!!!!!!

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