Government warns over deforestation in Chikangawa forest


Government through the Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango has warned that authorities will deal with anyone found cutting down trees in Chikangawa forest.

Mhango made the statement during a tree planting exercise at the forest in Mzimba.


Chikangawa Forest needs to be protected.

“We are warning people here in Mzimba and in other districts to stop the act of cutting down trees in Chikangawa forest because we shall not spare them at all,” he said.

Mhango said the trees have to be protected and that is why Malawian soldiers were assigned to protect major forests in the country including Chikangawa.

He further warned charcoal burners to get the message and stop the act of cutting trees for charcoal burning immediately saying the law will not spare anyone found in the wrong.

During the past two rainy seasons Malawi experienced floods in some areas and unreliable rains leading to droughts in other areas and it has been argued that deforestation has been one of the major reasons for the occurrences.