DPP cadets caught on camera beating a man


The thugs are back in town.

After disappearing from the scene for a period, DPP cadets who were once synonymous with terror and violence have returned.

A video going viral shows a group of young men in DPP t-shirts taking turns to beat up a helpless man.

The man whose identity cannot be established lies on the ground as the party boys use every means to physically abuse him.

The video is a reminder of the darker days of the ruling party when it would send Panga brandishing cadets in town to terrorise people.

The cadets are also suspected to have been behind the murder of Polytechnic student, Robert Chasowa.

In the old days, the cadets were also accused of bombing offices of critics.

The party has yet to condemn the barbaric acts shown by its terror boys.



  1. Koma utapezeka mwayi wopha Peter Muthalika I can do it without thinking twice.Chilima kukhala president zamanyi zonsezi sizingakhaleko.

  2. If the news is fake reporters are stupid, if the cadets really beat the man they are stupid, and if a man was wrong he is stupid, if you are attacking people who commented on this without evidence you are stupid.

  3. Fake news jst cheap propaganda on malawi24 news …y they were beating him and where it happened???mwadya zambiri za chakwera eti ngati wakutumani akupweteketsani ndithu

  4. These Muntharika’s thugs think they are in Syria where violence is the order of day.We are watching you mukadzachoka pampando wachifumu tidzakukwapulani ndi malamulo