Pastor says Malawi ‘giving chance to Devil’

Pastor Steve Wingolo

Founder and overseer of Lilongwe-based Soul Savers Ministries, Pastor Steve Wingolo, has said the battalion of problems the country is going through are because people in the country have wobbled spiritually.

The pastor has since called on the faithful to pray hard.

“We’ve gone secular as a nation. We’ve forgotten that we need God,” said Wingolo in an interview with Malawi24 on Monday.

According to Wingolo, it is “biblical” and “very true” in the Christian faith for people to taste the sourness of the Lord once they go against what the Lord requires of them to do.

Pastor Steve Wingolo
Pastor Steve Wingolo says Malawi needs to change.

He said as a country Malawi was prioritizing “things of the world” instead of balancing between business of the world and issues of God to win favours.

“Our God is a God of favour. He is a God of breakthrough. But he cannot grant us the two if we forget Him every time,” said Wingolo. He called on the citizenry, and clerics in the country to “pray hard” for the “salvation of the Malawi nation.”

Said Wingolo: “It is unfortunate that we’re giving a chance to the devil. We must pray and fast. It is everybody’s responsibility.”

Wingolo’s sentiments come hot on the heels of another cleric, Reverend Levi Makondetsa’s comments that “God is angry” with Malawi because of the media.

Makondetsa, who is the leader of the Providence Industrial Mission (PIM) in Malawi said during the memorial of Rev. John Chilembwe – the founder of the mission – that “negative reporting” was cause for God’s wrath on the country. Malawi is undergoing serious economic turbulences with a nose-diving economy.

The Kwacha – Malawi’s currency – continues to suffer massive devaluation, with inflation pegged at over 22 per cent. CSOs, especially the Centre for The Development of People (Cedep) have warned that should nothing be done to turn tables around, the country risks being declared a “failed state.”



  1. Mavomera vomera poti uje akutelo nafe tizitelo mukutipweteketsa anthufe kuyambira atsogoleri a dziko. Kod Mulungu akondwe ndi ma gays, resbians, corruption, tribelism, ethenism ndi zina? Ufulu wa munthu sufana ndi wa Mulungu koma tatsekedwa maso nchake ena mukunyoza ganizoli kamba kokonda za mdziko zomwe mumasangalatsa Devil. Take care

    1. The thing that made you type the nonsense you just type is the devil…he’s inside you right now taking control… need deliverance my brother….but then God is good

  2. Pastor help us to pray upon our president and our nation for God to interveen.Pajatu aPastor mumapempherera mavuto osianasiana zazikulu ndkumacitka.So this is another prayer item to deal with.EMEN

  3. dziko la malawi ndilabwinobwino ndipo mulunga satikwiire musatinamize mulungu akanakhala kuti wakwiya ndiye kuti inusu mpata wolankhula mbwererazi simukanaupza kodi paja mwati dzina la mpingo wanu ndi chani paja?

  4. Annointing begins from the top..ngati president ali osapemphela that same annointing imatsikila kunsi konse,…so if kumalawi kuli corruption check our leaders first kuti ndi annointing yanji ali nayo pa moyo wao

  5. true, most plp omwe akuzitcha opephela lero ndi afiti so zikumavuta kuti yehova amve ndi kulandila mapephero awanthu ambiri fe! cz sitikuchenjera tikuchita kupusa tikumapephera limodzi ndi Satana.

  6. Asasamba kukhulupilira zopanda pake. If malawi is to develop, we need to stop this kind of thinking. Are these last days for malawi only? While you are busy holding these funny believes, know that countries like dubai and china are taking matters into their own hands and developing their countries. Zopusa basi

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    1. Tikakumana komweko pa 3 March ku Sheffa. Tangoganizani Paul Banda, Miracle Chinga, Princess Chitsulo,KB, Favoured Martha ndinso Soul Savers Praise Team – devil Ukuchepa !

    1. Can you define insanity? Why do christians become aggressive when someone tells you the truth? According to the bible satan was in heaven and “your” god threw him to his children on earth because he couldnt defeat him. Its really funny that africans defend christianity like they know anything about it, christianity is a white peoples religion, as it is islam to arabs, hundu to indians, etc

  8. It is TRUE!! But its your opinion pastor!! Others they can’t regonise!
    That is why Malawians we are experiencing difficulties!
    Lightining!! Poverty!! Flooding!!
    And poor leadership!!
    Corruption! Cashget!! Maizeget!!
    Morden slevery!!

  9. The fact of the matter is, We’r living in the last days which Jesus the son of living God fortold about these in th holy Bible. So you people don’t get surprised with these problems, they are there and they are yet to come to fulfil the words of living God,,,, Amen

  10. fake!prblms r everywhere in the world.think about syria,yemen,central african republic,congo,libiya,just to mention all these countrys better than malawi?mxiiiiii!

  11. ….. yah i agreeeeeeee….. lack of choice between. dark and light,majority we’re christians by mouth and cloths……

    1. Aren’t we lucky gods are delusions in the minds of the mentally ill.

  12. If you read your foolish book of fairy tales in Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light and create darkness, I make weal and create woe, I am the lord who do all these things.” Your evil god is declaring that it is also your devil, satan.
    Nothing has ever been more harmful and damaging to humanity than religion.

  13. If you read your foolish book of fairy tales Isaiah 45:7 “I form light and create darkness, I make weal and create woe, I am the lord who do all these things.”Your evil god is declaring that it is also satan or your devil.
    Nothing more harmful and damaging to humanity has ever existed than religion.

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