Church thieves slapped with 30 months


A court in Blantyre has sentenced two men to 30 months imprisonment with hard labour each for breaking into a church and stealing assorted items.

Limbe police deputy spokesperson Pedzesai Zembeneko said the two – Samuel Pagonegone, 20, and 22 year-old Martin Tsenga – stole the items on 9 September last year.

According to Zembeneko, members of Chitsime CCAP church in Blantyre received visitors from Chilobwe CCAP church of Ntcheu.

“The visitors slept in the church together with one members of Chitsime CCAP church,” he explained.

At around 2am one of the visitors woke up to answer a call of nature. But the visitor was shocked to notice that his cellphone was missing.

He therefore woke up his colleagues who discovered that their items were missing as well.

The stolen items included clothes, a pair of shoes, three cellphones, a sack containing cabbage and onions, two Holy Bibles and two church hymns.

After the matter was reported to police, investigations led to the arrest of the two.

Last week, the Midima Senior Resident Magistrate court sentenced the convicts to 30 months in prison each.

Samuel Pagonegone comes from village Makukutu T/A Mkanda in Mulanje district while Martin Tsenga hails from Chinupule village T/A Kapeni in Blantyre district.




  1. Biblically the punishment for theft is to restore the goods twofold, fourfold or fivefold depending on the situation. So it’s good they got caught and punished, but 30 months hard labour is a bit much! And I’d have expected the church in question to speak out about this – I mean they stole Bibles and food! The best thing to steal is a Bible since the thief may actually read it and get saved…

    But since the CCAP is Presbyterian = Calvinist, who would expect them to know what the Bible teaches about anything?

  2. Akani muisrael uja anaba zamkachisi wamulungu kma mulungu analamula yoswa kt Akani aphedwe pomuponya miyala ndie awa ndindan kt apasidwe miyezi 30 basi mmalo mowaponya miyala mkuwafafaniza kt asawonekeso padzikoli

    1. Considering the Biblical punishment for theft is restitution, 2 years is too much. I get the sentiment though.

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