Chaponda fires defiant shot: ‘you can probe me’

George Chaponda with Peter Mutharika

Minister of agriculture, irrigation, and water development George Chaponda has challenged authorities to probe him over the maizegate scandal saying he is innocent.

Speaking on the local press on Sunday, Chaponda said his role in the purchase of maize from Zambia was facilitating the process of importation of the staple grains.

Chaponda argued that he was surprised to hear reports that he is involved in dubious transactions in the maize procurement process.

George Chaponda with Peter Mutharika
George Chaponda (L says he is ‘innocent’ . -File image with Peter Mutharika

“Ndipo ine ndinali odabwisidwa kumva kuti ma CSOs ena apita kukapeza chiletso kuti ine andisiyise unduna chifukwa ndaba ndalama zokwana K9.9 billion, ha ha. Ine ndinapita ku Zambia kawiri ndipo sindinapange kanthu kokhuzana ndi Ndalama, Ndalama za chimanga zili ku bank, za cashgate mesa zimapezeka ndi anthu, ine anandipeza ndi Ndalama? or apange kafukufuku palibe cholakwa changa. (I was surprised to hear that some CSOs applied for an injunction restraining me arguing that am involved in looting of maize funds amounting to K9.9 billion, ha ha. I was in Zambia twice but I had nothing to do with money, cashgate money was found with people have they found me with money?),” said Chaponda.

He further wondered why people have not faulted World Food Program (WFP) for buying maize used for humanitarian aid at $410 per metric tonne arguing that the $345 price was better.

Chaponda is being accused to have swindled money through conniving with traders in Zambia to overcharge government so that the huge profits money could be shared with the traders.

Meanwhile a report by a commission of inquiry on the maize deal has recommended that Chaponda must be probed on his dealings in the process of buying maize.

The report revealed irregularities that were made by Admarc and Chaponda in buying the staple grains.



  1. Allan akutuma sure mumawona ngati chapondayo ndalama azipeza mu trouser lake? Nonse iweyo Allan and chapondayo ndi bwana wanu yemweyo mumadikira ndalama zimenezi koma vuto nkhanga zawona

  2. This is what a politician does to stay relevant in the game,next you’ll here he wants to be presdent.Tell Chakwera its time to wake opposition ogona ngati awa bola Tembo.#Chaponda more fire

  3. Our heavenly Father is knowing the truth if Mr Chimanga Chaponda {MCC} is indeed innocent or not, while most of us loves him but do not trust him. aposo nati!

  4. DPP kuba kokhakokhaa….
    if he (Chaponda) is really serious that he is innocent why cant he step down??

  5. “Chaponda fires a defiant shot”…..where is the defiance in the whole story. I thought by saying let authorities investigate me he is demonstrating compliance not defiance

  6. I’m tired of this Chaponda story. He’s appearing in every now. Try to change subject plz. This Chaponda won’t change!!!

  7. muzaane nonse aboma kt ngat mungazapeze mavoti ochuluka uzankhala mwai wanu. tazunzika mokwanira chisankho chikubwerachi ndinthu musakhana nonkha amaudindonu

  8. defiance nd arrogance is what cost emperor napeoleon fate… a situation its gd for a top official like chaponda to excercise the right to remain silent….in fact as some have boosted nd acronned chaponda as a learned lawyer…. but my understanding is that a leaernrd lawyer is owez equiped with wisdom nd faith to act in a proffesional manner i bet….wisdom lacks in this man

    1. and this means that malawi has not even leader who can think about poor pple. we vote them with the aim of bringing the development but after elections the look after their salary and robary. but remember that Almighty God will punish them all.

  9. Who ever implicate an innocent person, has to pay the price, the measure you use to measure your friends shall the same be used to measure you, you over stepped the president to cornive with the court to fire Chaponda, when that fails, you are back to the president asking him to fire the same person, whats wrong with you pple, are you headless chickens? if you have nothing to do shutup!
    It just shows you fear Chaponda more than anything else, you can not dictate the president to fulfil your stupid ideas, leave DPP alone, if there are meceneries trying to destroy DPP, you have 100% failed.
    But remember, its time for you to pay the price, that 9.9 billon you lebbeled him to have swindled, you are going to oay him. muuzane!

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