Fans back Chitipa United’s decision to use Karonga Stadium

Chitipa United

Football fans have supported Chitipa United’s decision to use Karonga Stadium as the team’s home ground for all its 2017 Tnm Super League home games.

Football fans who commented on a Malawi24 story on the issue, supported the club’s decision with some saying the newly promoted side has chosen a stadium which is close to Chitipa.

“It is better for them to be using Karonga Stadium because Mzuzu Stadium is very far from Chitipa,” said Willard Greasham.

Another fan Jussab Kunlombah said Karonga Stadium will be a good home ground for the newly promoted Tnm Super League side who will be travelling for all their 2017 Super League games.

While Haward Matsimbe criticised fans who claimed that Karonga is too far for Blantyre based sides.

“I don’t see any reason why people are complaining that Karonga stadium is too far for Blantyre teams. Chitipa United will also be travelling from Chitipa to Blantyre when they have assignments with Blantyre based Super League sides,” Matsimbe said.



  1. If the football association can approve karonga stadium as another home of football games then football development will be meaningful in the north&talent will be easily be exposed to its optimum gear

  2. Mpira wa kuno umandiseketsa heavy, any team that plays in Super league ndi yayikulu koma ndimadabwa nazo kuno mumati team ya ku Blantyre ikayenda kupita ku mpoto mukuyipatsa two games kufufuza akuti asadzabwerenso for another game. If chitipa is in a league and ali ndi home G yawo,,,, tiyeni konko sidzoti kwatalikazo…… go ku England momwe ma team amayendera, ma team a machoka ku London kupita ku Man chester jst for a game

  3. Nde mwati achina BB,noma,silver KB azizadutsa chiweta?azayamba kusaza pa chiweta akafika pa karonga Chitipa kumangotola ma points

  4. This is so crezy, malawi24 when you say, fans, which fans, you are lying, just imagine, when a team travels from BT to Mzuzu, it is assigned two games, do you want to tell people that they should play one game in Karonga, and travel to play another game in mzuzu? Thats very unfair
    if chitipa travels to BT, they will play all their games within town, not this crezy stuff you are proposing. No team from the south or centre will accept that, if they can not accept to use mzuzu stadium, they should pull out, unless if sulom says they will be assigning a single game per team if the team travels to the north.

  5. This is a terrible decision! Chitipa United being based in Karonga is like Malawi tourism asking tourists to visit attractions in neighboring Tanzania not in Malawi. Who in their right mind would support that kind of senseless idea?

    1. So if that’s the case let Chitipa play all its games in Blantyre. We shouldn’t see them travelling up to Nchalo to play Games because it would also be too far for them

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