Woman arrested for attempted suicide in Dowa

Police in Dowa have arrested a 36-year-old woman for attempting to commit suicide over family issues at Msangu village, Traditional Authority Mkukula in the district.

Dowa police spokesperson Richard Kaponda has identified the woman as Likisi Ngoma who has three children.

According to Kaponda, the woman got married to a man in the district who was ill-treating her by not giving her any help.

“For instance the man happened to have money after doing piece works but he was not giving her to buy needed items at home.

“On Monday during the afternoon hours when the husband was away, the woman took a tomato pesticide called (comide) and drank it in order to kill herself,” said Kaponda.

After drinking the pesticide, she immediately started vomiting and became unconscious.

But her child who was nearby saw this and alerted elders who rushed with her to Dowa District Hospital where she was admitted.

Doctors from Dowa District Hospital said that the woman took an organophosphate poison called comide.

She will appear in court soon to answer the offence of attempted suicide which is contrary to section 229 of the penal code.

The woman comes from Msangu village Traditional Authority, Mkukula in Dowa District.



  1. Arrested? Is she going to get death penalty? She needs a serious help not a prison cell. Take her to rehabilitation center immediately.

  2. Mwamunayo alangidwe. Ndalama yavuta pa malawi nde mkazi kumusiya ndi ana 3….amavuta mmodzi!

  3. Sounds to me the elders and government should start enforcing child and spousal support from father’s and divorced husband’s or provide assistance to these women who are forced to care for children on their own once a man had had their with them.

    It is about time that a man takes responsibility for his children and ex wife, until then expect more single mothers caring for the children without anything to consider all is lost and attempt the same suicide,

    This selfish man living for free in the house should be put in jail for failing his responsibility to his wife and the children at a minimum should have been paying something,

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