Mutharika’s maize inquiry set to deliver report today


The commission of inquiry that was appointed by President Peter Mutharika to probe the maize deal that Malawi had with Zambia has disclosed that it is set to give the president a report today.

Confirming on the local press, secretary of the inquiry Mike Chinoko said that they are to present their findings on the matter to Mutharika on Friday.

Anastanzia Msosa

Anastanzia Msosa headed the commission.

“The report has been finalized and the State House confirmed that we are to meet the president at 4pm on Friday,” said Chinoko.

He added that the report has not mentioned any name suspected to have had a hand in the dubious transaction that Malawi had in Zambia.

He however disclosed that the commission lacked enough time to gather information on the allegations of corruption.

The Malawi leader appointed the commission of inquiry chaired by Justice Anastasia Msosa to probe the saga that has been the centre of controversy in the country.

However some stakeholders have also carried their independent investigations on the matter as part of promoting transparency and accountability.



  1. Justice Msosa credibility is at stake because we already know a lot through th Parliamentary inquiry. Dr Chaponda the bulldozer has already been exposed as a highly inefficient person. He allowed Admarc to operate without strategic guidance. In a year Dr Chaponda told the nation that Malawi has a serious maize deficit Malawi is awash with maize. Dr Chaponda has no idea where the maize came from. Apa ndiye u bulldozer watha.

  2. Hatred basi! Be professional, sir /madam! Mutharika didn’t appoint the commission in his personal capacity BUT in his official capacity as the president of this Republic. Ndiye poti ku Malawi mtolankhani wabwino ayenera kuti alembe kenakake konyoza omwe ali m’boma. Zosakhala bwino.

  3. Those who were expecting the report to implicate someone have ill mind, Chaponda is very clean, whether you like it or not even Chidazi Malunga ang Khamlepo jetgate know this, after all these, those who falsely accuse Chaponda will noe dance in court for charecter assasnation, tikuonelani, and by the was your mother is running away from Donald Trump, amaonangati awine ku USA ndi mzimayi mzake uja kuti amuchite shield, wanya, when she arrives here, will join Mphwiyo and tikumanga mayi ameneyu.
    Mumva m,bebe.

  4. Even if Chaponda fired….He will join another party and we the same people we gonna be clapping hands for him at another party, as a best man. Lol

  5. who khws…. …wil t make any dference? {cashgate, maizegate, aeroplanegate ….wats next …lets wait & c. …watever comes government wil nt b connected

  6. Ndie umbuliwo umenewo, nanga akanena kut Chaponda adaba muchta chan pamene ena mukuwaembekezera ndkunena kut Chaponda ali clean munena kut chani? Guyz first u must understand the meaning of commision of inquiry b4 u come up wth ur biase opnions.

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