Civil servants in Malawi to start getting salaries tomorrow

Unpaid civil servants can now breathe a sigh of relief as government has confirmed that the public workers will start getting their salaries on Friday, February 10.

Many civil servants have not received their pay up to date, a development that has disturbed service delivery in some government departments.

According to the ministry of local government and rural development, the delay was due to the process of migrating civil servants from the capital hill to their respective councils.

Spokesperson for the ministry, Muhlabase Mughogho said though the process of migrating these civil servants to their councils is in progress, they will try their level best to pay the workers come tomorrow.

Muhlabase Mughogho
Muhlabase Mughogho: Has confirmed of the news.

At least 95% of the civil servants are yet to get their January 2017 salaries as the government says it got disturbed with the decentralisation of the civil servants operations which is currently underway.

Health workers and teachers have been the most affected by the late pay.

This decentralisation of service operations means that when all is done, civil servants will be under the control of their district commissioner’s office through their district’s heads.

The government thought of migrating civil servants to the councils with the aim of cutting the number of ghost workers.



  1. Why civil servants’ salaries are delayed whenever MPs are meeting? Are teachers (govt brooms) less important? I for one i follow; salary delayed, work delayed (starting at 9:00 instead of 7:30)

  2. instead of pulling up our socks,they are pushing us into twisted future. Mind you, for you to become president,you went to school and meet the teacher then you are
    trying to let them fall,,,just wait for the punishment.

  3. Thats Un Fair. Kodi amaenda Pansi Kuchokera Ku Lilongweko Kumapita Ku Ma District? Amalembera Ma Pen Instead Of Computers? Nanga From23 Dec.2016 up to 10th february adapita ku uk ku holiday? Ntchito Yomwe Amagwira Ndi NTchito Yanji All These Days? Shame To Our Government,, Kuzolowera Kukama Yoonda. 0

  4. Yet saying dpp a caring government,what does it care? Is there any month that ends on tenth of the other month on the calendar?this is one of the disadvantages of allowing intruders to lead the country coz they dont mind whether things wrong, eish

  5. Mulungu wachifundo ndi chikondi munatiyankha nthawi ya Bingu tikhulupila kuti munthawi iyi mudzatiyankha palibe kwina komwe tingathawire kma kwa inu

  6. Akunamiza yani ? with the computers can the whole process take this long?And mkumadzifunsa kuti dziko silikupitapatsogolo bwanji?kodi simesa Data ya ma civil servants ili kale mu sytem komanso ina ili online ndiye mpaka mwezi? anthutu ozidziwa alipo manyumbamu koma simufuna kuwalemba ntchito inu kakaka mukufuna manda anu adzakuikeni ma office momo? isee why it is difficult to teach an dog new tricks! system migration can take hours in some countries but here weeks shame to whom it may concern, azanu azikhalira kukongora zinthu nanga malendi adzikhalakhumakhuma?

  7. This govt is full of shit.Where do you think we can get our daily bread from? I am from Mulanje working in Ntcheu, I don’t have a farm, no where to beg food, and you expect me to treat patients with passion.This is nonsense.

  8. This is nothing to celebrate. plans have already been negatively affected and starting means others will access their salary next week which is still very late. Remember, sad hours seem longer than the happy ones. STUPID PITALA AND HIS DPHWIIPHWII.

  9. What Do You Mean ‘sigh Of Relief?’ After All We Are Dead And Buried. We Dont Mind Whether They Start Paying Us Tomorrow Or The Next Two Weeks, God Knows.

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