Malawi has enough drugs – Govt


The Malawi Government says it has enough drugs to cater for all the hospitals in the country.

Minister of health Peter Kumpalume told the local media that despite having other hospitals lacking certain types of drugs, it does not mean the country has no drugs.

“We monitor medicine in the country by two ways and  the Central Medical Stores says they have 86 percent of all the medicines they need and we monitor what is on the facility, 90 percent of the essential medicines are available,” said Kumpalume

Peter Kumpalume

Kumpalume: We have enough drugs.

He added that some areas are lacking certain types of medicines due to logistical problems maintaining that the country has enough drugs to be distributed in hospitals.

Kumpalume then advised Malawians not to get worried over reports of drug shortage saying the country has the medicine it needs.

However, ministry of health spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe was recently quoted by the local media saying most hospitals in the country have run out of medical drugs.

He said the problem is serious and they will be meeting other stakeholders to see what they can do on the issue of drug shortage.

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